Toilet Radio 425 – Thanks for the Breno-ries


This week on Toilet Radio: Breno announces his retirement from the Toilet ov Hell podcast. You should all send him some money so he can buy a gold watch. / Michale Graves had to testify to try to protect his Proud Boy friends from getting hammered on fucking sedition charges LOL / Russian Circles joins in on the fun of not selling merchandise at European shows, immediately issue a very stupid statement about… / Sargent House is imploding! Related, Botch reissues are coming soon / How in the world does Mudvayne think they’re doing to sell out amphitheaters across the country on this upcoming tour? / Listening to modern rock radio because I can’t get enough of that one Sublime record./ It sounds like dez from Coal Chamber came real close to dying of Covid. / Steel Panther fans cancel their own children from life. Folks, it’s a show.

Music featured on this ‘sode:
Phase MeridianPsychic Canine Overlords

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