PREMIERE: War Brides – “Clean”


Because life is chaos and your Thursday afternoon could use some more of it, here’s “Clean”, the opening track to Regrets, the latest full-length from War Brides.

I dunno about you fellas, but this week has been an endless slurry of stress, frustration, and responsibility. After a week like this, it sure would be nice to unwind with some bruising noise rock and one or two hundred macro-brews. Fortunately, Chicago’s War Brides have half of what I need with the opening track from their latest record, Regrets. “Clean” is anything but. This song is caked with with filth and stained with the sweat of dozens of sweltering basement shows. Break some household items while bobbing your head to War Bride’s razor-edge guitar riffs and Jesus Lizard-influenced yowls. Dig in below and don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty.

Regrets drops April 28th on Third Eye Industries. Preorder it here, then go like War Brides on Facebook and tell ’em, “Yaaaaaaugghhh”.

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