Premiere: Nattravnen – “Upon the Sound of Her Wings”


Have you pondered, weak and weary, why “supergroups” are such a bore? Sworn them off forevermore? Nattravnen are here to make you eat crow with an exclusive stream of their new track, “Upon the Sound of Her Wings.”

On their debut LP, Kult of the Raven, the band flesh out the myth of the nattravnen, a colossal bird that kills with a stare from its empty sockets. Kam Lee (ex-Death) and Jonny Pettersson (Wombbath) waste no time engulfing listeners in the Gothic grandeur of their story; synth choirs embellish blackened death metal riffs, and subtle melodies tunnel like worms beneath the surface. While there’s certainly never been a concept album full of self-indulgent wank, the immediacy of the duo’s songwriting is nevertheless appreciated—the song clocks in at just under 4 minutes, but manages to explore several ideas and genres without losing cohesion.

Despite Lee’s throaty growls and the intense tempo shifts between death and doom, it’s the clean guitars that solidify the track’s eerie atmosphere; the flanger effect evokes a melancholy spirit, its voice wavering as the words cross into the living world. During the final riff, Lee’s vocals are echoed by these undead utterances, as if the man himself was possessed. A word of caution: upon listening, audiences may become vessels for strange forces as well. Nattravnen are not to be held liable for any visitations, spiritual invasions or gouts of projectile vomit.

Kult of the Raven drops December 7th. You can pre-order it here from Transcending Obscurity and connect with the band on Facebook.

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