Riff Of The Week: Thrash Edition


Riffs from Power Trip, Annihilator, High Command, Revenant 1349, Warbringer, and Heathen. Pick yer poison.

Before we get thrashin’, let’s take a look at the results from last week’s 1979 Edition. There was a 3-way tie for first, and a 2-way tie for second, so I dunno, choose your own adventure or something.

This week our theme was THRASH
Here’s what you sent in…

Alphonzo Garbonzo
High Command – ‘The Commander’s Code’ (Riff @ 25:58)

Not enough people are talking about these guys and how good they are, so here you go. Sword and sorcery Power Trip. Big Good.

1349 – ‘Striding The Chasm’ (Riff @ 0:38)

A very thrashy riff by a not very thrashy band.

Positronic Brain
Power Trip – “Armageddon Blues” (Riff @ 0:52)

1. Because Power Trip.
2. Because the riff is sikk.
3. Because of that little pause they do.
4. Because he goes “WAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!”

Jimmy McNulty
Warbringer – ‘Firepower Kills’ (Riff @ 0:58)

Listen, I know how these competitions work with you people: some crusty, old thrash band of guys wearing acid washed jeans and bullet belts is going to win, because it’s against the “cool kid” laws not to worship the classics. Go ahead and vote for that one Sepultura riff you’ve heard a thousand times in order to avoid losing any of that precious metal cred.
OR vote for something good. It’s your call.

Iron Goddess of Mercy
Annihilator – “WTYD” (Riff @ 0:21)

Ya shouldn’ta spilled yer beans.

High Command – ‘Forged to Kill’ (Riff @1:15)

Ever want to mosh to a song about wizards and swords or some other nerd shit? High Command has got you covered. Bonus: A Classic Thrash “ALRIGHT” @ 2:30 which is 100% guaranteed to get me hype af in any context, but is objectively a ridiculous thing to say.

Heathen – ‘Dying Season’ (Riff @ 0:02)

A short description.

Revenant – ‘Asphyxiated Time’ (Riff @ 0:16)

Hadn’t planned on submitting as I thought the theme would garner a tonne of submissions but you know how it goes. Here’s a blistering cut from an underground classic that no amount of modern representation would suffice.

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