Riff Of The Week: Eleven Edition


Riffs from Obsequiae, Bethlehem, Running Wild, Gutvoid, Mi’gauss, and Suffering Mind. Make your choice and do not look up “Terrance Howard maths”.

Last week our resident apiarian type Megachiles took down the Canine-themed comp by a slight margin over Demolition Hammer and Nekromantheon. Y’all are barking fuckin’ mad if you ask me.

This week’s theme is Eleven
Let’s see what you sent in…

Alphonzo Garbonzo
Mi’gauss – “Open Fire” (Riff at 2:46)

This album has eleven songs. This is the first song. 1 + 1 = 11 (?). This riff is an eleven out of ten, etc. Enjoy.

Suffering Mind – ‘PIERWSZY DZIEŃ’ (Riff @ 0:15)

Suffering Mind seem to have a penchant for weird formats. This is the 11th song off an 11” record which, while in itself unusual, collects material released on even weirder records ranging in size from two to nine inches (no 7” though, that shit’s for normies). While some underground acts are too cool for Bandcamp pages, these guys went the other way and decided nobody should be able to listen to their physical releases. I got their 5” split with P.L.F., i.e. a CD-sized vinyl, which just makes my record player go “lol nope.”

Gutvoid – ‘Entranced by A Frozen Dawn’ (Riff @2:41)

In keeping with the Canadian flavor of my last few RotW submissions, here’s a track a little over 11 minutes in length from a new Torontonian death metal band: Gutvoid. There must be something vile in the waters of Lake Ontario, cuz their debut 3 song EP released last month brings the dang riffs. The riff that serves as a motif for the song first comes in at 0:03, but my fav iteration is at 2:41.
FFO: The Blood Incantations, Ch’th’e’il’is’t’, and ~~T I M E G H O U L~~ .

Iron Goddess of Mercy
Running Wild – “Adventure Galley” (Riff @ 0:06)

This is a riff from the eleventh track of Running Wild’s eleventh album that just so happened to be released on the very day of my eleventh birthday. Running Wild also happens to be the eleventh-best ToH poster BMP’s favourite band. Eleven cheers and an eleven-blunderbuss salute for Blackbeard Metal Pirate! Hhhhhhhhhhhuuuuuuuuuuuzzzzzzzzzzzaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!

Bethlehem- ‘The Eleventh Commandment’ (Riff @ 0:00)

Nice riff to start of your first album.

Obsequiae – ‘Emanations Before The Pythia’ (Riff @ 1:30)

Think I probably had something else in mind for the theme earlier in the week but I’m fucked if I can remember it now. Anyway, this new joint from everyone’s fave Harpcore heroes is out now so a nice medieval melody from track 11 will do just fine.

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