Premiere: Ekpyrosis Body Snatch for the Ancient Ones on “Conception from Nothingness”


Has it really been just a year since Ekpyrosis murdered me dead with their full-length debut? They’re already back to dance on my grave and wish my progeny all kinds of ill will with their death deification? What the hell, man? At least let the dead rest a bit before you disinter their decaying bones for your nasty-ass riffs to summon the Crawling Chaos. Ugh. Well, at least they’re getting one absolutely killer track out of my eternal unrest. Get in here to be cursed for 10,000 years or until our planet burns itself up in an environmental apocalypse or we’re all eaten alive by Ohio’s zombie raccoons. Any of the above is fine when you’re committing “Conception from Nothingness.”

Make no mistake, though; this is death metal worth dying for. “Conception from Nothingness,” the third track from upcoming dirge Primordial Chaos Restored, finds the band refining through some particularly potent necromancy their characteristic melange of genre staples. True, the track still sinks its razor sharp, Swedeath-inspired riff clarity into your flesh like a hungry changeling you accidentally allowed into your home like some kind of idiot. It still stomps and grooves like a Floridian flesh golem loaded with alligator piss and methamphetamine and hankering for a mid-paced, bass-heavy ho-down. And the vocals remain as ball-twistingly guttural as anything you’ll hear out of one of Portugal’s death metal troll pits.

Intriguingly, however, is the way this shambling band of coprolites breathes fresh (by coffin air standards, anyway) air into the collapsed lungs of its decomposed abomination. “Conception from Nothingness” finds the band embracing an even more cavernous and esoteric approach than its predecessor, one most reminiscent of Steve Tucker-era Morbid Angel or the blighted murk of newer bands like Altarage. The riffs crawl and slither with a ponderous pace that surprisingly never seems to be sidelined by the alternating fast and slow drums. When the song gets blasty, that low string assault just keeps dragging you through the mud and muck. When the rhythm takes a step back to allow some particularly nasty articulation in the notes, the malevolent guitar intent only becomes more apparent, and finally, when that pure-Azagthoth solo kicks in at 4:05, the low and slow violence done to your body seals your fate.

Doug Moore, the sexiest man in metal who also knows a fair bit about grave robbery, recently opined on Facebook that the slow song on a death metal album is usually the best. The heinously slow riffs in “Conception from Nothingness” prove this to be true. Ekpyrosis already enslaved the grave with their Frankensteinian debut full-length. With the added embrace of the slow decay of eons, their death stench has only become more rancid. Listen below at your own peril.

Ekpyrosis have a whole bunch of rad pre-orders up on their Bandcamp page. Folks who like good things can buy the CD (or discography!) on the cheap, courtesy of Terror from HellLycanthropic Chants is also offering a cassette for you unloved sex perverts. Plus there are t-shirt bundles to boot. Get your ass over there and then to Facebook to follow the band.

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