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Are you a Lovecraft fan? You’re reading the Toilet ov Hell, so of course you are! This post is for you.

Brett Miller has been trucking along in the metal underground for well over a decade, perfecting his own style of shred-heavy classic heavy metal. Miller plays largely instrumental metal with a big emphasis on the riffs, but there are plenty of little nuances to keep jaded headbangers interested. Orchestral touches, primeval themes, and a healthy dose of bombast make his tunes fun and interesting. His playing reminds me of Jon Schaffer with a bit of Jeff Loomis theatrics tossed in for good measure.

So why is a guy who typically loves dissonant death metal covering a trad metal undergound musician? Miller caught my eye through an email teasing his upcoming Lovecraft-themed album, a project that will be funded through Kickstarter. You can learn more about the project through the video below.

If you go to Miller’s website, you can listen to three demos for the upcoming album. They’re largely shreddin’ classic metal, but the gibbering vocals and creepy effects give them the extra oomph the theme deserves. In addition to these rockin’ tunes, you can also check out some of Marcel Orsi Blanco’s killer, art. It definitely captures the eldritch vibe of the music.

If you want to download the three demos and get updates on the Kickstarter, you can sign up to join Miller’s Esoteric Order of Dagon today! The emails are bit cheesy, but it’s honestly endearing. Join the cult, brothers and sisters.

Go give Brett Miller a like on Facebook and tell him the Toilet said, “Ia!” You can also check out more of his albums here.

(Photo by marcelo Orsi Blanco)

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