Premiere: Nephren-Ka Breathe Deep “The Great War Spice”


The Brotherhood of the Black Beast has assembled once again beneath the shifting sands of Arrakis! Praise be unto Shai Hulud and his disciple, Nephren-Ka, for weaving the melange that opens our vision into the black expanse of time, delivering unto us tech death and sight beyond sight. Praise be unto “The Great War Spice” for ascending the House Atreides and for opening the way for the coming of Nyarlathotep, the haunter of the catacombs! Praise be unto the riffs that deliver us victory over the faithless Harkonnens and the drums that fuel the ire of the great war of Muad’Dib!

Sharpen your crysknives, my Fedaykin, and hearken the call of the Atreides and the Black Pharaoh, for the third emanation from France’s esoteric tech death quartet, La Grande Guerre De L’epice, is upon us, and the ageless machinations of the Bene Gesserit and the Brotherhood have finally produced the relentless tech death killer they long sought. Amid the cacophonous, lightning storm  churn of breakneck percussion and smothering guitar work, all shall be consumed by the Maker.

The Fremen in the throes of spice

Listen to the mighty and technical riffs that evoke the hidden teachings of Origin and Hate Eternal, striking with atomic force and world-splitting fury. Listen and hear, my Fremen, how Briat’s riffs shift and undulate like the sand sea of Dune, at times divebombing into the crushing bedrock of the Shield Wall, at others soaring like predatory Ornithopters seeking the faithless with unmatched precision and technicality. Witness the subtle intrigue of the musical subterfuge, the delicate duel between pummeling Pialoux’s blast beats and Briat’s fiery licks, the harrowing upward trajectory of the final wall of sound that stands as perhaps the most brutal stone-burner you’ll hear in tech death this year. Yield to the melange and bear witness to Gosselin’s rumblimg bass work and the suffocating atmosphere of a parched world thirsty of war and vengeance. See Chambe, the Zensunni mouthpiece of archaic horror, spitting his liturgy of the great war with a rapidity and ferocity unmatched by any save perhaps Oli Peters of Archspire. Bow and supplicate as the final strains of Chambe’s paean to the Abomination Alia fades away with a tumultuous, throat-searing quake accented by the final vestiges of a clinging spice-high, leaving you with only a vague, prophetic buzz and a deep desire to see your faith in death metal ignite the stars themselves.

Many thanks to Dolorem Records for this killer stream and to Nephren-Ka for another walk through the hostile sands of Dune and the musty catacombs of Lovecraft’s Egypt!

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