Premiere: Negative Thought Process – “The Comedown”


Negative Thought Process is a 2-piece band based out of the UK that deals in bleak, industrial-tinged grindcore, laden with HM-2 buzz. Get a taste of the band’s debut album Methylene Butterfly, with “The Comedown”.

Nails may have called it quits, but fortunately there are young bands eager to carry on the cause of assaulting listeners with low-tuned grind drenched in disgusting amounts of distortion. Case in point? Negative Thought Process. Give a listen to “The Comedown,” a torrent of fast, violent grindcore that’s teeming with hatred and you’ll hear a spiritual connection to those who we shall never be one of. Want more? You can stream “Clandestine Cleaver” and read an interview with Negative Thought Process over at Transcending Obscurity, where the band is completely open about admiring the sounds of modern grind heavyweights like Nails and Magrudergrind.

Methylene Butterfly is out September 16 on Hibernacula Records. Get the album and a shirt for just $10, then give Negative Thought Process a like on Facebook.

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