Riff Of The Week: Geological Edition


Rockin’ riffs, which will you pick?

Last week Destruction took home the pretzel for our German Edition.

For this week’s competition we asked for riffs from songs featuring a reference to a stone/rock/gem in their title. Don’t forget to use the PROMO CODE SPAKFILL to get your free sample pot of Walbert’s new and improved formula Tooth-Gap Grout©, first 12 callers get a free maxi-size applicating trowel.

Fragments of Unbecoming – ‘Memorial Stone’ (Riff @ 2:08)

Check out the first few albums from these guys if you’ve never heard of them. Pretty cool melodic death, which I’m not usually into. This, their latest, is not my favourite, but still offers some decent bangers. Case in point: this song when it speeds up.

Funeral Mist – ‘Bread to Stone’ (Riff @ 0:48)

This baby is is a great example of when black metal gets it right. It is absolutely seething with violence and malice.

Positronic Brain
S.O.D. – ‘Diamonds and Rust (Extended Version)’

If you have time, you should listen to the whole song.

The Red Chord – ‘Mouthful Of Precious Stones’ (Riff @ 0:00)

Probably one of the best, head banging-ist riffs from one of the few deathcore bands worth giving a shit about. The riffage starts at 0:00 and is sprinkled all throughout this absolute killer track. If any of you were lucky enough to see them YEARS back during Summer Slaughter and hear them play this you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Bolt Thrower – ‘Granite Wall’ (Riff @ 0:14)

Lead riff, 0:14-0:28. Screen-Name (That’s my discus name, right?): Nukenado.

Cephalic Carnage – ‘Repangaea’ (Riff @ 10:15)

I could’ve easily chosen the smooth, sexy saxophone intro, or the main riff you wait for that lasts from around 7:50 to around 8:40. Hell, I could’ve even picked the beautiful, heart-broken piano “bridge”. However, the riff at 10:15 is the one that you really wait for. You just don’t know it until it hits. Can we have a Song Ov The Month? Sometimes, you just need the whole thing, man. Fuck Dwayne “The Rock Johnson”, Pangaea is the biggest rock of them all.

Stratovarius – ‘Black Diamond’ (Riff @ 0:25)


Mantar – ‘Into The Golden Abyss’ (Riff @ 0:15)

Gold counts right? Of course it does. This german duo sure knows what they’re doing. Riff starts at 0:15 and man, is it a fucking banger. Enough said.

Sinmara – ‘Ivory Stone’ (Riff @ 3:19)

This stand-alone track from their split with Misþyrming released earlier this year could be their most chaotic yet, however it’s when the cacophony subsides around the 3:19 mark that the song’s incisors are bared. Get bit.

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Next week we’re going to be doing riffs from bands whose name starts with the letter J. Pretty fucking simple. Send your entries to toiletovhellriff@gmail.com by Friday, being sure to include a link to the riff along with a time-stamp, your screen-name and a short description.

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