Premiere: Xenosis – “Personification of the Unconscious”


Start your week off right by getting your daily recommended dose of tech death riffing.

If there’s one thing Xenosis is good at, it’s being good at lots of things, and those things are writing music and playing instruments. As the release of their fourth full-length draws closer, it’s becoming clearer that time has sharpened their already considerable prowess. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Xenosis around these parts, nor is this the first song we’ve heard from the aforementioned upcoming album- you can check out the other two songs here and here. All this is to say that this is a band that knows what the fuck they’re doing and I’m not just talking out of my ass when I say that.

I could drop all kinds of flowery prose about how intricate and complex the band’s music is, but it’s best to just let the song speak for itself. “Personification of the Unconscious,” our premiere for you today, is Xenosis doing everything that I like in their music and doing it better than they’ve ever done it before. The dueling guitar melodies are fantastic, the undercurrent of bass magnificent, the vocals and drums powerful and wonderfully aggressive. It’s progressive and technical without throwing either of those things in your face, very much centered on the riff and making those melodies stick. If you’re into prog death in the vein of Death or Martyr or more current acts like Contrarian and Horrendous, this is required listening. Hell, even if you’re not, there’s a good chance this song will get you grooving anyway. It’s just that fucking good.

Paralleled Existence lands on October 1st; do yourselves a favor and preorder it on Bandcamp. Be sure to give the lads in Xenosis a shout over on Facebook as well.

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