Premiere: Regenerate Your Week With Riffs Courtesy Of Verthebral


Beat the mid-week lull with an exclusive premiere of some solid death metal from Paraguay’s Verthebral.

Yes, it’s only Wednesday. But as much as that kinda sucks, it doesn’t mean your day has to as well. When you think about it, there’s a lot of good to be said about Wednesday. The two shittiest days are over. The inevitable inebriation of Friday is not far off. Sure, we sometimes like to pander to Thursday’s fragile ego and pretend it’s as cool as Friday. However, years of making this exact mistake have jaded that whole experience, yet still we try. At least with Wednesday we know where we stand. There’s some degree of comfort to be found within its dependable and regular space. The horror of waking on Monday morning can range from mere suicidal throes to NUKE MY BRAIN NAAAOW; with “oh great, it’s happening again Tuesday” following closely behind. Thursday, the imposter, eventually cedes to Friday, where you might wake in a stranger’s home. Science dictates that this has a 50/50 chance of being acceptable or irrecoverably vile. This is why, dear flushers, that Wednesday is perfect day for some dependable metal. Some riffs you can really trust. Something you can hit play on and gain immediate satisfaction without some unknown bullshit plaguing your day. Yes, you need some killer 90’s styled death metal.

Ahhh…that’s the stuff. Feels good, don’t it? Verthebral hail from Paraguay and are part of the continued proof that South Americans just have an innate sense of how to create metal minus the pretence. On their debut full-length, the band display all the quintessential hallmarks of both the burgeoning North and South American death metal scenes of the 90’s. A fecund environment, arguably unmatched in potency, brimming with memorable mid-paced riffing atop rolling double-bass drumming and thick audible bass lines that clomped mud-holes aside swamps from Florida to Brasilia, and back. As you’ve no doubt heard by now on the title track to their upcoming album Regeneration, Verthebral bring quality, no-nonsense death metal to the table. No flashy modern clutter. No edgy gimmicks. Just solid, dependable death metal. The stuff Wednesday’s were made for.

Pre-order a CD or digital copy ($10/$6) from Satanath Record’s Bandcamp page before the June 29th release date.

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