You Pick the Sexiest Dude in Metal: Round of 32 (pt. 2)


The full field of 32 is revealed! Did your favorite hottie make the cut? Find out and vote them to the top!

In our most titillating competition yet, YOU get to pick the sexiest dude in all of metal. Inspired by Revolver Magazine, who, against all odds and relevance, just published their annual collection of the “25 HOTTEST CHICKS IN HARD ROCK”, we’ve decided to reduce humanity to its basest, most bangable instincts. The TovH writing staff made our selections for 32 of our favorite heavy metal hunks and we’ve placed them all in sweaty head-to-head competition against each other for our own carnal amusement. We’ve decided to include metal guys young and old, in addition to a couple of dearly departed, especially sexy dudes. Which hottie will take home the crown of Sexiest Dude in Metal? It’s up to you, the reader. Make your picks and then put your bold predictions for the tournament in the comments.

Did you miss the first half? Go here to put in your votes for the first 16 competitors.

Greg Puciato (Dillinger Escape Plan)

This musclebound daredevil of DEP always leaves his fans satisfied.


Tommy Giles (Between the Buried and Me)

The Toilet ov Hell writers are suckers for this BtBaM vocalist’s book-ish good looks and progressive tunes.

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Eric Adams (Manowar)

Eric Adams has made a career of oiling himself up and stripping down to a loin cloth. Is he asking for the title of sexiest dude in metal?


Quorthon (Bathory)

Tomas Börje Forsberg, or Quorthon to his legions of fans, will forever be remembered for his contributions to black metal and high cheek bones.

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Tosin Abasi (Animals As Leaders)

Tosin’s otherworldly technical guitar playing and dashing good looks leave us Weightless.


Bill Steer (Carcass)

This babely Brit helped found several genres of extreme metal and looked damn good doing it.

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Kiko Louriero (Angra, Megadeth)

This sexy Brazilian shredder can tame even the most savage Mustaine with his nimble fingers and strong jawline.


Doug Moore (Pyrrhon)

As a blogger, musician, AND avid gym-goer, Doug Moore is the complete package and we’re here to unwrap it.

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Ice Dale (Enslaved, Audrey Horne)

Enslaved guitarist Ice Dale is our token representative for all big, sexy Norwegians.


Chrileon (Twilight Force)

While most power metal bands simply LARP in elfric costumes, Twilight Force managed to find an Orlando Bloom stand-in to handle vocal duties. Expelliarmus!

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Keith Buckley (Every Time I Die)

Keith’s boyish good looks give us all thoughts of The Big Dirty. 


Andy Williams (Every Time I Die)

The ETID guitarist is a part-time pro wrestler and a full-time beefcake.

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Vreth (Finntroll)

We’re singing the praises of this Finnish dreamboat entirely in the Swedish language. It’s filthy, so we can’t translate it here.


Mikael Stanne (Dark Tranquility, Hammerfall)

This fair-skinned ginger melodeath pioneer has the Character needed to be nominated today.

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Adam Jarvis (Misery Index, Pig Destroyer)

The sole drummer in our bracket, Adam Jarvis earned his spot with his toned forearms and skillful stick work.


George Clarke (Deafheaven)

George Clarke has it all. Looks, fame, cool sunglasses, and incredible wizard powers. Is this his competition to lose?

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Behold! The full bracket.

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