Riff Of The Week: Melody Edition


Which of these melodic riffs from Abyssal, Intestine Baalism, Iron Griffin, Kings X, Edge Of Sanity, and Bergraven gets you whistlin’?

Before we get melodic up in here, let’s look at the results from last week’s Flood Edition. Anciients pipped Glacial Tomb by a few percent, do better next time people.

This week our theme was Melody.
Let’s see what you sent in…

Intestine Baalism – Cannibal Sodom (Riff @ 0:51)

It’s good melodesu. Song speaks for itself. And yes, I’m not dead… yet.

Positronic Brain
King’s X – “Goldilox” (Riff @ 0:00)

“A sequence of notes that is musically satisfying” is how how my phone defined melody when I asked it, and it’s how I define this here gorgeous riff. It make-a me cry! Why the fuck weren’t King’s X super popular? Maybe because of the “we’re a Christian band kinda/no we’re not” fence-sitting? I dunno. And that album artwork – it’s Texas, and Houston, and desert, and moon phases, and an eclipse!

Jimmy McNulty
Abyssal – The Cornucopian (Riff @ 4:34)

As a receptacle might say, “FVCK YEAH ABYSSAL”. This album remains my favorite from the year in which it was released, and this song is a crowning achievement. The way this dark riff contorts into something… uplifting (!) knocks me off of my T H I N booty every time I hear it.

Bergraven — “Ondkall” (Riff @ 0:09)

Bergraven is the master of eerie twisty-bendy melodies that sound like that feeling when you’re standing out in the woods alone in the dark and you just know the Blair fucking Witch is standing right behind you. Get spooked @ 0:09.

Edge of Sanity – ’15:36′ (Riff @ 0:24)

Also a bonus in form of a talk-box used in metal.

Iron Griffin – ‘Reign Of Thunder’ (Riff @ 1:56)

Been jammin’ this glorious new Finnish trad album the past couple of weeks. The retro-riffage is the perfect companion to Maija’s awesome wailing. Get dorky @ 1:56.

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