Toilet Radio Asks, “Is Nothing Shocking Anymore?”


Woo boy. The full crew is back and fully engaged in this essential episode of Toilet Radio. Kick back with a nice vintage of MD 20/20 as we discuss transgender metalhead Danica Roem’s surprise win in Virginia, Truckfighters getting their shit robbed in San Francisco, Marilyn Manson‘s Sisyphean quest to be shocking, and a tribute(?) to GG Allin‘s antics. Our reading for the week comes from super srs metal blog Bardo Methodology’s interview with creepy Finnish black metal losers Numinous. We’re laughing at their weird affected speech, convoluted connection to the Order of Nine Angles, and their obviously bullshit tall tales about themselves. You can join in the fun by creating your own made up black metal backstory for yourself in the comments below! Folks… IT’S A GOOD ONE.

Music featured on this show:
Daeva – “No Effective Banishings” from Pulsing Dark Absorptions (Facebook)(Bandcamp)

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