Premiere: Spectrum of Delusion – “Into Another Formation”


Too early for tech death? Never. Start your morning off right with some brain-bending riffs.

Spectrum of Delusion made quite the splash in the tech death community with their debut a couple years ago; their unique take on the familiar fretless bass/dueling guitars sound proved to be as catchy as it was mind-bending, a sort of Augury filtered through the lens of Obscura while being a fair bit more aggressive than either. Esoteric Entity is an excellent album that still feels fresh three years later; I had a lot of nice words for it at release, and judging by those Bandcamp sales, it’s safe to say a lot of people felt the same way. All this bluster is to say that I’m very excited that they’ve got a new album out soon and even more excited to be bringing you a track from it.

“Into Another Formation” is a beast of a song, and it also holds the distinction of having the only good lyric video on the Internet. Fans of the debut will note that while the core of the band’s sound- those aforementioned dueling guitars supplemented by fretless bass- is still very much intact here, but the attitude has shifted somewhat. The proliferation of synths, somewhat sparsely used on the previous album, gives the song depth that may have been lost otherwise; it’s not overbearing, largely just hanging on chords or single notes, but it gives your ear a melodic anchor in the more chaotic sections and adds a little texture to everything. Moreover, you’ll notice a shift to a happy, Gorod-like chord progression in the middle, really channeling the French tech giants in those swaggering, trilling arpeggios. Everything that made their debut so special is still here, and with the new ideas they’re toying with, this upcoming album promises to be just as exciting as its predecessor.

Neoconception is out through The Artisan Era on September 11th. Be sure to follow Spectrum of Delusion on Facebook as well for further updates.

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