That Which Fouls the Water Seeks the Sun: Stream “Other Album” by Metroid Metal


In case our other videogame related posts weren’t evidence enough, we here at the Toilet like the vidya. Quite a bit. And that’s why I’m simultaneously excited to tell you about Metroid Metal and kicking myself for forgetting about it. Like the stoic, unyielding Samus Aran herself, Stemage has returned from the stratosphere to rain fiery Plasma-beam destruction upon us.

For those unfamiliar with Metroid Metal, it was a project started ten years ago by a musician named Stemage to pay metallic tribute to the power-armor clad bounty huntress Samus Aran and her impressive oeuvre of stellar action/adventure/shooter video games. At some point after its inception, though, Stemage gained enough of a following to put together a genuine band and play some of his songs live. The band now referred to as Metroid Metal has released three albums of instrumental metallic warfare against the enemies of the Galactic Federation, starting with the Varia Suite in 2009.



The latest Metroid Metal release, Other Album, dropped in April of this year and is available for streaming and purchase on bandcamp. This album is composed of more covers of iconic Metroid tunes, even featuring some cuts from the oft-maligned Other M’s soundtrack (which I argue is a decent action game marred by atrocious storytelling and characterization). The album is a collection of songs the group had performed live prior to digital recording, and it shows in the organic feel of the album. Much like the monstrous Flaaghra from Metroid Prime, it looms with menace and acidic tendencies while maintaining the otherworldly draw of the previous releases. According to Stemage, it is more rhythmically-anchored than the previous guitar-laden albums, but fans of Nova-beam levels of precision in the lead lines should not fear; Stemage’s brilliant guitar compositional abilities shine throughout. My favorite track is “M2Q.” Without any vocals whatsoever, it manages to tell a gripping story of the harrowing battle between the most dangerous bounty hunter in existence and the deadly queen of the metroid alpha predators.

Stream Other Album below and pick it up if you can spare a few bucks. And if you’ve never played any of the Metroid games, a certain indomitable heroine would like to have a word with you.

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