Premiere: Stream Æpoch’s New EP Hiraeth In Full


The second best T-day for tech death.

We here at the Toilet ov Hell like Æpoch a lot. Like, a lot a lot. And as long as they keep releasing music, we’re happy to keep talking about it. Hiraeth is the band’s fourth overall release and third EP, and I am pleased as punch to help bring it to you today.

Following last year’s more straightforward death thrash Scryers EP, Hiraeth feels like a return to more familiar- albeit much weirder- territory for the band. The first couple tracks feel more in line with the band’s earlier releases; they’re more in the realm of progressive death metal, spinning around unusual time signatures and driven by some wild bass playing. It feels appropriately foreboding for the album’s post-apocalyptic setting, and it starts venturing into bizarre major-key stuff in the latter half, presumably as our protagonist begins to hallucinate as he approaches the big decaying totem depicted on the cover. It’s a great marriage of music and narrative, and you can experience it right now.

And, as you may expect, you don’t need to delve into the narrative at all to appreciate the music. From a purely aesthetic perspective, the things Æpoch does on this album are going to be familiar enough to be enjoyable to prog death fans while being just weird enough to hit that sweet spot of discomfort that you want from this style of music. It’s as exciting as it is strange, and I love hearing this style of music going in some relatively unexplored directions. It’s a good time, and you can have it in your hands this Friday.

Pick up Hiraeth via Bandcamp, and give Æpoch a follow over on Facebook.

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