Sunday Sesh: Let’s Just Watch Glitch


We’re a week into 2017, and you know what that means. Your resolution to not sit around like a giant slob watching Netflix all day has been abandoned for a solid three to four days. Allow me to enable you by suggesting the highly addictive series Glitch.

Set in a small Australian town, the first episode opens in a cemetery with several dead people climbing out of their graves. Thankfully, this isn’t another tired attempt at the zombie genre with a “but here’s a stupid twist to our zombies!” scenario. These people are in peak physical condition, and are, for all intents and purposes, perfectly healthy and living people. They’re also from different time periods, with some of the “risen” having died well over 100 years ago. As the short first season (only six episodes are on Netflix) plays out, memories from their lives gradually return, attempts are made to connect with still-living relatives for some, and we start to get hints of what may have caused their return.

Despite having vastly different moods and plots, the series reminds me a bit of the wildly popular Stranger Things. That show had a resounding appeal to basically anyone that watched it, including several Toilet-dwellers that I might have expected to write it off. Like I said, the two shows don’t share much in common in the way of content, but both boast an intriguing premise and skillful writing which kept the shows moving forward and the audience smashing that mf “next episode” button. Both shows also deal with a darker subject matter while, for the most part, the characters stay bright and likable, yet convincing and relatable. Multiple storylines are juggled as each character’s past is revealed, yet none feel like a slow spot or a dead end. Thankfully, season two is already in production and is expected to hit Netflix in 2017. I’m a little wary of the reveal that I think is coming for the reasons behind the resurrections, but I have high hopes based on season 1. I do need to warn you, however, not to be turned off by the terrible promo photo you may come across. The show is good, I promise

I wanted to include some good metal with “glitch” worked in there, but the only band with that name on Metal Archives looked hilarious and terrible. For some reason I don’t think their 2010 album Bringin Metal 2 the Masses, available only on MySpace, would resonate with the crowd here. Instead, let’s revisit the weird, glitchy stylings of good old Genghis Tron, a band that doesn’t always get the love they deserve. Once the tunes are over, binge your way through Glitch and let me know what you think.

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