Premiere: The Human Race Is Filth – Liberate


Get in that weekend mood with some THRIF.

Look at that, it’s almost Friday! I’m sure the back of your mind is already busy planning some sweet weekend activities. Maybe catch some of those first sun rays if you’ve got any in your area. Or, if you’re anything like me, you’re already anticipating stomping around your place and smashing your own shit in either an alcohol-induced rage or a surge of hatred brought on by bewildering, extended sobriety. In that case, the Toilet Ov Your Choice is happy to provide the soundtrack to plan your route of destruction. We are premiering the upcoming EP by The Human Race Is Filth, entitled Liberate, set to release this Friday.

One or two spins of this fine record should definitely get you in the mood to lay something to waste. Maybe you’ve imagined Nasum playing sludge and said “Hell yes.” Maybe you think it’s already been too long since Vermin Womb‘s latest. In both of these cases (and many others, I’m sure), THRIF’s blend of grind, sludge, and hardcore will appeal to you. While opener “Native Biological Warfare” gets around to some grinding action eventually, these bursts of speed go as quickly as they come, and the band frequently winds things down to slow sludge grooves. “Chain Game” and “Slow March” thrive on this aspect, while numbers like “Burning the Swine” or “Hung By Illusion” are half grind, half stomp-through-the-pit hardcore.

Quoth the band about the lyrical content:

“Liberate expresses our dislike for the way authority treats all minorities and how sick our US government has become and supports these activities. Liberate speaks for the voices of many that are heard by a few. People should not tolerate fascist, racist, and sexist authority rule and we all must stand for those who can not.”

Liberate will be independently released tomorrow, April 6th. Digital as well as cassette and CD versions (and a shirt!) are available here. Later, drop them a line to let them know how much stuff you damaged.

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