Flush it Friday: Queer Space Opera Edition


*Ducks under the deluge of 1-star reviews from people who haven’t read or even know what book I’ll be mentioning*

Whew, we made it. Now that that’s out of the way, I must recommend The First Sister by Linden A. Lewis. This novel is the first in a planned trilogy (the second part actually came out in 2021, so this isn’t vaporware), and focuses on three characters from vastly different walks of life (in SPACE!). From The First Sister’s echo of comfort women to the non-binary Hiro and their fight to reclaim agency under a tyrannical family, facets of sexuality mesh with far-future worldbuilding for a story that feels at once current and visionary. Honestly, I’ve been waiting to make this point: if you can’t address someone as they, but you can call a 40 year-old man Fvkk Invokator without a tinge of self-reflection, maybe you’re the problem. You know what’s not a problem? The lovely folks at TovH and the content they bring to you, piping hot, on the reg!

Tha Boiz on their flush and they’re here to say, metal dudes rappin’ in a middle-aged way:

Toilet Radio 349 – It’s Time to Rap in a Middle-Aged Way

Miniscule reviews, B I G flavors:

Mini-Reviews From Around the Bowl (1/13/22)

Speareus techin’ with Aethereus:

Tech Death Thursday: Aethereus – Leiden

TheoBomb premiered a righteous track from Horned Wolf and I don’t have anything snarky to say, it’s siqq:

Video Premiere: Horned Wolf – “Become Like They Are”

Do you know of any strong contemporary sci-fi? Please tell me, I need moar. I also need moar G/B/U action below.

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