Premiere: The Sound that Ends Creation – “Santa Jesus God Loves You No Matter What”


If you’re anything like me, you probably lie awake at night wondering things like, “Was Ted Cruz really the Zodiac Killer?” and “What would Between the Buried and Me sound like if they got really super high and tried to play grindcore?” Luckily for you, one-man gonzo grind machine Chris Dearing has an answer for that in the form of a brand new track from The Sound That Ends Creation. Last fall, we primed your butter pump with the unassailable Fitting Through the Crawlspace of Rhyme and Reason. Today I’m pleased as hell to give you the full monty of “Santa Jesus God Loves You No Matter What.”

“But Dubz, what does BTBAM sound like baked and ground?” Let me tell you, dear reader, pretty damn wild. Like Diskord or Of Men and Angels Flesh levels of weird. When last we met TSTEC, we cataloged the following quintessential elements of buck in Dearing’s approach:

  • Between the Buried and Me and Ion Dissonance-style genre breaks, replete with clean vocal lines and off-kilter melodies.
  • Grind riffs so absurdly heavy they’d make Car Bomb and Human Remains blush.
  • Gonzo drum programming sure to quicken jealousy in Scott Hull’s and The Berzerker‘s drum machines’ loins.
  • A manic rhythmic sense that suits the deranged vocal variety like a glove.

If anything, “Santa Jesus God Loves You No Matter What,” from the upcoming Roses and Thorns and Dead Unicorns, goes even more ape than the two previous albums. Dearing has cut his zany coke with some brown gunpowder composed of sexed up sax, noodly keyboards, and an even more deranged habit of promiscuous experimentation. It’s enough to leave you wandering about some war-torn hellscape looking for clarity after flipping your entire life on its head.

The danger of music this wacky is that it can quickly slip into rawr XD teh penguin of doom territory. Thankfully, Dearing avoids this yawning pitfall with one simple trick that has doctors hating him: he keeps his eyes on the riffs. For all the DEP-self-indulgences and winding syncopation and multi-layered vocals, “Santa Jesus God Loves You No Matter What” is constructed around a series of surprisingly hard-rocking riffs. Sure, those riffs flow together in a dazzling flurry of blood and semen on a Metallica album, but that taut fluidity only ensures that your head will never stop bobbing. The grind riffs and death metal riffs and southern rock-esque Soilent Green riffs all rule. The rest of the background noise is just that gross icing honked off onto your movie theater popcorn, delicious and likely terminal.

Stab play below and get rowdy in your mental theater.

Roses and Thorns and Dead Unicorns drops June 30th. You can pre-order it here and follow the one-man band on Zuckhole here.

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