Flush it Friday: brb


Oops. Gotta take care of a thing. Here’s your open swim for the week.

I broke a thing. Gotta fix it. Here are your highlights for the week.

Breno is done pretending. You should be too.

How Long Must I Keep Up This Sham of Enjoying Obscure Metal?

We got to see a child crowdkill an entire floor.

Toddler Tears Up His First Circle Pit

I interviewed Jami from Code Orange and for some reason you refused to listen to it.

Toilet Radio 127: Talkin’ Phil Collins with Jami from Code Orange

365 called you all the fuck out.

By Age 35, You Should Have Already Been In One Of These Bands

Vlad make-a da spicy meat-a-ball

Metal Recipes: Mapo Duofu (RIP Anthony Bourdain)

Nate Garrett finished up his series on the best bands for each year over the last like 50 years. Read it here then yell at him.

The Best Band in the World: The 2010s

OK, that’s it for me. I really gotta go. Love you, bye.

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