PREMIERE: VHS – Getting the Gang Back Together


Horror-obsessed, Canadian death n roll dudes VHS are back for more blood with their vampire-themed 5th LP, I Heard They Suck… Blood. Catch the premiere video of their latest single, “Getting The Gang Back Together” right here, right now.

Just in time for the spookiest holiday of the year and fresh off an appearance on our October Spooktacular, VHS have a brand new track and music video dedicated to the boils and ghouls of the Toilet. Maybe some of you flushers have a better memory than ol’ Joe, but to the best of my knowledge, “Getting the Gang Back Together” is the first and only metal track about 1987 horror-for-kids classic The Monster Squad. It’s a track meant for pulling up with your weirdo clique and vanquishing draculas and frankensteins. So let’s put on our homemade STEPHEN KING RULES tees and dive in.

With a video recalling the home-dubbed tapes of your family’s media shelf, VHS show off a few low-budget ads, Monster Squad footage, fear-mongering news reports, and a bit of Leslie Nielsen’s Dracula: Dead and Loving It. It’s an apt companion to showcase the band’s more straight-forward rock n roll side on “Getting the Gang Back Together”. Fun fact: That opening snare hit? You might recognize it from the Michael Sembello’s insanely catchy “Rock Until You Drop” from The Monster Squad OST. Gather the kids round the computer and enjoy some horror-metal for the whole family.

The full album features 11 tracks of vampire tales, including tributes to Near Dark and The Lost Boys. You’ll get blood, guts, and some guest appearances by Trevor from TBDM and Dave Ingram from Benediction. I Heard They Suck… Blood drops December 3rd on Wise Blood Records. You can listen to more from the new record and preorder it right here.

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