Sinbreed – Moonlit Night: A Video Breakdown


Buffalo gals won’t you come out tonight, come out tonight, come out tonight
Buffalo gals won’t you come out tonight and dance by the light of the moon.

Sinbreed is a Christian power metal band from Germany. I didn’t know Christian power metal was a thing, but it makes sense. The grandiose themes of both power metal and Christianity can blend together in certain circumstances. Love, faith, waging war against heathens. It’s all a rich tapestry. I suppose the only real difference between Christian and non-religious power metal bands is that the Christian PM bands wait until marriage to sing about fucking dragons.

Previously known as Neoshine, Sinbreed (not to be confused with Sinamore, Sybreed, or cinnamon bread) have put out a new video for their song “Moonlit Night”. Let’s take a look:

0:09: “Oh, Lord Kissy Face, how I’ve missed you.”
0:13: “Sorry, I had some mustard on my lips. Let me just wipe it off on your hand.”
0:17: Omnomnomnomnom.
0:21: “Soooo….was it good for you?”
0:27: It’s nice to see the dungeon cellar from the Unborn Suffer video get reused.
0:31: See, this is why you moisturize.
0:37: He should put a shirt on if he doesn’t want to catch his death of dork in that drafty basement.
0:39: I’m half-expecting werewolf Ozzy to run in front of the band.
0:45: “Ugghhhh. I’m never drinking tequila again!”
0:51: Definitely getting a late-era Lizzy Borden vibe right now.
0:57: He looks like the younger brother of Moonspell’s Fernando Ribeiro.
1:00: Ewwww! Squish it! Squish it! Squish it! Squish it!
1:04: She seems to be taking her Lord Kissy Face’s transformation into a giant roach remarkably well.
1:08: Now that is a power stance.
1:11: “I think we should see other species!”
1:17: His legs may in fact be stuck in that position.
1:22: Everyone do the Kafka!
1:29: The band didn’t put makeup on. The room is just that dusty.
1:35: Welcome to Joe’s Apartment!
1:42: His hair has an “old broom/dried-out hay” quality to it.
1:50: Arby’s: It’s good enough for your roach husband.
2:00: “What, no fries?”
2:08: That’s the look of someone who wanted Wendy’s.
2:16: The drummer remembered to put his gloves and necklace on, but forgot his shirt.
2:18: This room would go for half a million dollars in San Francisco.
2:25: “I’ll get you a Big Montana next time, I swear!”
2:37: Even giant mutant bugs get “hangry.”
2:46: Sign her up for the Red Sox.
2:53: Is is safe to call this “Bug Fucking Power Metal”?
2:59: The vocalist may have the most expressive left hand in all of metal.
3:01: Hahahahahaha that face!
3:08: “Gah, my back. My back!”
3:15: He’s going to need a backiotomy.
3:26: Sure there’s a giant humanoid insect in the house, but that’s no reason not to show a little cleavage.
3:33: Someone left him out in the sun too long.
3:37: We’ve gone from Sinbreed to Sinraisin.
3:41: “I could probably pawn this for enough gas money to get the hell out of here…”
3:46: Now we’re getting a heavy Mushroomhead look.
3:55: They’re going to have to condemn the place with all that asbestos flying around.
4:00: Swipe left, lady.
4:08: *cough cough cough*
4:19: She’s going to need one big can of Raid to deal with this problem.
4:25: Or a giant newspaper.
4:31: Soot: it’s what’s for dinner.
4:34: “Looks like it’s another night of Haagen-Daz and Gilmore Girls reruns.”
4:42: Any more time spent in this paint and they’ll be honorary members of Motograter.
4:48: Nudge him!
4:54: See? You really should have gotten him those fries.
5:01: She got him fries this whole time. Oh, the irony!
5:11: Not-Liv-Tyler, you’re alright.
5:15: Self hug!
5:27: All he ever wanted was to be loved and to have a good side dish.
5:32: Wingis Struck? Oh, come on that can’t be a real name.
5:37: These names read like an enemies list from a Sgt. Fury And The Howling Commandos comic.

Sinbreed’s album Master Creator is out now via AFM Records.

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