Toilet Radio 249 – MPLS ROCKS w/ Hessian Hunter


Fuck yes. We got our boy from way back in the old times, J. Steve A.K.A Hessian Hunter A.K.A THE Pumpkin Baby, to join us to talk about Minneapolis. He took a break from kicking a lot of ass behind the drum kit in bands like Birth Order to practice some serious mutual aid as his community fought back against the police, the national guard, and some pretty heinous white supremacist groups. Hear Pumpkin Baby talk about the week in Minneapolis following the murder of George Floyd, the violence of the police force, and how a community comes together. We’re also talkin’ protest in the time of COVID, the guitarist from Disasteratti saving people from a molotov cocktail, and learning when to shut up and listen. I think it’s a pretty good episode, tbh.

Music featured on this ‘sode:
DisasterattiRolling Blackouts

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