Listen to Dewar PR’s Summer Comp feat. Dogmatic Absolution, Ritual Slaughter, and More!


Dewar PR’s Summer compilation is out now, and we’re premiering it here at the Toilet ov Hell. This compilation features exclusive music from Dogmatic Absolution, Ritual Slaughter, and Dead Wretch. It’s also jam-packed with rad tracks from bands like False Gods, Sisters Of…, and Serpent Herder.

There is a little something for everyone on this jumbo 26-track compilation, from black metal to southern rock. Dewar PR represents a pretty diverse lineup of artists, so allow me to share my highlights for this comp:

Serpent Herder – “Agony Eternal”
Hoarse-throat blackgaze in the vein of Ghost Bath.
Dogmatic Absolution – “Night Falls”
Surprisingly satisfying black metal/doom hybrid.
Sisters Of… – “Adulescentia”
Big, endorphin-releasing post-metal that often recalls Explosions in the Sky.
Verment – “Chemical Indoctrination”
No-frills death metal, ideal for drowning out your coworkers. “No I don’t want to talk about what you watched on television last night KAREN”.
Death of Kings – “Knifehammer”
Bludgeoning thrash with a buttload of gang-vox and a sweet guitar solo.
Cetacean – “Outpour I, II, III”
Explore some new territory with this 15-minute prog/doom amalgam.

  1. Sealclubber – Vow of Silence
  2. Ghost Horizon – Astral Projection
  3. Melopoeia – Harmony
  4. Franks Enemy – Somewhere at the Foot of the Cross (Civil War II)
  5. Serpent Herder – Agony Eternal
  6. Strauss – Humanphobic
  7. The Glorious Rebellion – Bitches Hate Misogyny
  8. Dogmatic Absolution – Night Falls
  9. Allfather – The Bloody Noose
  10. Dead Wretch – This Song is Worthless
  11. Hogjaw – I Will Remain
  12. The CheeseBergens – Mommy and Daddy Worship Satan
  13. Archaea – Silhouette
  14. Ritual Slaughter – Ascending Holocaust
  15. False Gods – Wasteland
  16. Antique Scream – Thee Intimidator
  17. Sisters Of… – Adulescentia
  18. Goatroper – The Science of a Bridge on Fire
  19. Verment – Chemical Indoctrination
  20. Get Killed – Spooky
  21. Death of Kings – Knifehammer
  22. Lotek Cruiser – Buried Under the Morning Sun
  23. Arterial Mist – Purged in the Flames
  24. Cetacean – Outpour I, II, III
  25. Opensight – Alibi
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