Flush it Friday: One Down 51 to Go


Welp, we’re one week into what looks like it will be another dud of a year.  And what a depressing week it’s been.  Have you ever gotten a hangover and insomnia at the same time, where you want to go sleep it off but just can’t?  That’s how this year feels like it’s starting off to me.  If you’re in the US you’ve had the pleasure of the news reviewing the Jan 6th insurrection over… and over… and over, reminding you that you-know-who could run again.  Back in the Netherlands they just hit another daily record for positive COVID tests in a single day, and I don’t think the rest of Europe is faring much better.  Some famous old people died.  Bummer all around.  But there’s some good news: TovH is sticking around to ride it out with you, for better or worse, with some steaming hot content straight from the bowl.

Hans was the first back to the grind, bumping the never-ending top 10 lists off your radar with a Bump’n’Grind

Bump’n’Grind – Not a Top 10 Edition

The Boiz dump some news direct from the heavens on the current state of metal

Toilet Radio 348 – Takin’ a News Dump

Riff Raff takes out the trash with their first recording of the year.  But don’t judge them on this episode alone, they got an absolute rube to introduce it.

Riff Raff Podcast: [EP.54] All Outta Fucks to Give

How’s your week fared so far?  How do you plan on surviving 2022?  Will there finally be shows that aren’t cancelled or super-spreader events?  Help give me some hope with your G/B/U’s below!


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