Premiere: Void Rot‘Liminal Forms’


This’ll mark the only time hearing about death/doom from Minnesota in your 2020 newsfeed having actually been for a positive reason.

Over the last few years we’ve been fortunate enough to have premiered pre-release material from everything in the Minneapolis band’s discography, and today I’m pleased as fuck to present a new track from Void Rot‘s upcoming debut full-length titled Descending Pillars. Having previously compared their efforts to the sounds of Krypts, Spectral Voice, and Ataraxy, it’s been interesting hearing their sound evolve and develop to the point where I feel like it’s only a matter of time until you hear bands being referred to as having a “sound similar to Void Rot’s,”¬†such is the strength of their sonic imprint.

Having just finished playing through this upcoming album in full, I can only say that Void Rot’s dense oppressive cosmic-churn has been amplified in every facet of their music. The thunderous drums work in hypnotic tandem with their monolithic low-end riffing and lurching reverb-drenched lead layering. This is the sound the relentless march of entropy. Yes, albeit condensed into 37 minutes/7 tracks of temporal space, but hey, if this shit’s ending, let’s at least make it in time for dinner. Sorry to get all ominous there, it’s been a while. Void Rot‘s Descending Pillars will release on 11/9/2020. Or for you Seppo-types, Descending Pillars will happen on 9/11..wait wat

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