Album Art ov the Century Tournament: Preliminary Finals


Which two covers will you put through to the grand(e) final(e)? Why are we doing this again? What year is it? Who are all these people?

Before we get to votin’, here’s what happened last week during our semi-finals.

  • Mastodon‘s Leviathan beat HorrendousEcdysis by a mere 0.3% in an epic battle to the death
  • Bell Witch‘s Mirror Reaper absolutely devoured BaronessRed Album with over 80% of the vote
  • Loss just scraped through again with a +2% victory over Serocs, and
  • Zhrine‘s Unortheta showed Sulphur Aeon the gateway outtahere by a similar margin.

Here’s how our tables finished up

Now, for the preliminary finals we have opted for a 1v4 and 2v3 scenario to determine who makes it into next week’s Grand Final.

[extremely 8-bit Italian Plumber voice]
Heeerea wee goooo

Mastodon – Leviathan [2004]

Paul Romano

Zhrine – Unortheta [2017]

Zbigniew M. Beliak

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Bell Witch – Mirror Reaper [2017]

Mariusz Lewandowski

Loss – Horizonless [2017]

Adam Burke

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