Riff-Raff Podcast: Top 10 Death Metal Albums Of The Decade Special Edition (Part One)


No new shit on this episode, today we’re delving into the albums which made the Toilet ov Hell’s Top 10 death metal records of the past 10 years (2008-2018). We also talk shitty facebook metal groups, Blood Incantation storming Area 51, Funions vs Toobs, King Of The Hill, and inadvertantly fall into the vertiginous Wiki-wormhole of Chuck Mangioni’s flugelhorn.

Today is all about old faves but if you like new shit, check out last week’s episode.

Music Featured On This Episode:
Horrendous – ‘The Stranger’ from Ecdysis (Dark Descent – 2014)
Spectral Voice – ‘Thresholds Beyond’ from Eroded Corridors Of Unbeing (Dark Descent – 2017)
Obliteration – ‘Transient Passage’ from Black Death Horizon (Indie Recordings – 2013)
Mithras – ‘When The Stars Align’ from On Strange Loops (Galactic Records – 2016)
Artificial Brain – ‘Absorbing Black Ignition’ from Labyrinth Constellation (Profound Lore – 2014)

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