Premiere: Winds of Leng – “Devourer”


Arizona death metallers Winds of Leng will soon be unleashing their debut full-length upon the world after a few more tweaks (which has a title now: Horrid Dominion), but in the meantime it would be my absolute pleasure to premiere for you another track. So “hold onto your butts” as a wise man once said twice said and enjoy the space-themed ripper “Devourer”.

But first I need you to heed my warning: if you’ve already started compiling your top 10 list for 2017, make sure to leave one spot open because you are going to adore Horrid Dominion. I’ve heard the whole thing and it’s going to leave a permanent mark in the world of death metal. You’ve already been exposed to “Audrey”, which itself contains an onslaught of riffs but with a melodic twist to the five minute thrasher and which also features a relatively clean bridge. “Devourer” is shorter and more straight-to-the-point, clocking in at 3:15 with nary a quiet moment to collect your thoughts (that’s where the replay button comes in handy).

You will hear a drastic improvement in sound since I premiered “Audrey” to the world and that’s because the guys in Winds of Leng have employed Unisound AB for mixing and mastering of the upcoming album. And who runs Unisound AB? A man with an impressive resume you may know named Dan Swanö (Edge of Sanity, Nightingale, et al). The rough cut of the song* I was sent two years ago has been given the utmost meticulous treatment and now sounds fuller, crunchier, and cleaner; it’s a completely different beast.

“Devourer” exemplifies everything wonderful about the band: urgent riffs full of inertia, galloping double-bass work, and some of most evil sounding shrieks delivered by our friend Scrimm. And though you may be impressed by the one-two punch of the songs I have premiered for you thus far, they serve as the tip of the iceberg for the behemoth that is to come. A great quantity of blood, sweat, and beers has been invested in Horrid Dominion, which will be dropping soon (the band is still waiting on the final artwork by Alex Tartsus). The funeral is about to begin… SIIIRRR!

*Just for fun, here’s the rough cut of “Devourer” that I had the pleasure of hearing two years ago:

(The header image was taken from here. It is not indicative of the album artwork.)

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