Riff ov the Week: Sensuality


W.’s never-ending search for things that diddle his fiddle continues in this week’s riff-off. You have to listen, and you have to vote, but what you do with these sensual riffs after that is entirely up to you…

Last week, Howard Dean’s Deathspell Omega (22 votes) barely edged out Vegglampe’s Ghost Bath (20 votes) in the battle of the tremolo riff. Raise your hand, extend it over your shoulder, and pat yourself on the back. That’s a fucking winner’s back, right there.

Next week:

  • By order of Maik Beninton, next week we’ll only be taking riffs from supergroups.
  • Send your supergroup riffs to toiletovhellriff@gmail.com. Include your Disqus handle, a link, the time of the riff, and an explanation.
  • If you have an idea for a theme, let me know.



This definitely probably maybe wasn’t what W. had in mind when he said “sensual,” but when Conan played this song live a few days ago, the vibrations did things to my body. Starts at the beginning.


Joe Thrashnkill

0:22 – it gets none more sensual.



I’m certain I don’t have to tell you when the sax riff starts. You lost your pants as soon as you saw the title.


I wanted to use a song by Akercocke. When I listen to them I feel like Lucifer is trying to take my pants off and that’s sort of sensual, I guess. When I saw the words ‘sensual’ and ‘seduce’ I remembered this very emotional passage at 14:36, and I knew that I could resist.



Oooooh, sexyyyyy.


Formerly Known As Oli Sykes

This whole song makes me wish I wasn’t such a pathetic dweeb who can’t pull, and makes me want to shag that hot blonde from high school who looked fit in that Batgirl outfit, or some other sexist statement about sex that will never happen to me. To that hypothetical girl, just remember, 2 minutes in heaven is better than one minute in heaven.



I could have submitted this Bergraven track for the Bass riff – because it’s essentially a bass riff – but it just so happens that it’s sensuous and slithery and sexy as all get out (and a little creepy, just like all good sex, right?…). Riff starts at 0:27. Feel your loins come alive to the groove while this dude whisper-growls at you seductively.


Brock Samson

The opening to this song makes me want to strip down slowly in a mid-winter snowfall and make sweet sweet love to a young, firm tree. Don’t judge me.


Old Man Doom

Scene: EXT. DESERT, SUNSET. You ride off into the setting sun on horseback with Mikael Akerfeels in the saddle behind you. FADE OUT. Roll credits…


Huggy Bear Oh Yeah

0:46. Me, my girlfriend, and a passed-out stranger on the couch across the room. Good times.


Poseur Disposeur

Hard to find sensual metal riffs (I expect a lot of Type O), but Clutch always makes me want to bang hard. Starts at 0:00.

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