Tech Death Thursday: Lost Soul


Prepare to have your face melted by one of the finest technical death metal bands out there!

It has been quite a chaotic year for me, and thus it has been an extremely hot minute since I wrote anything. Let’s see if I’ve still got it. First, here’s some news to enthuse:

Allegaeon whose name I will never pronounce correctly [It’s Uh-lee-jun, you dingus – W.], because reasons, debuted a new song called “Grey Matter Mechanics” live. It sounds a bit different from their older material, but in a positive way. Check it out.

Virulent Depravity, who feature Malcom Pugh of Inferi and A Loathing Requiem fame, have released a demo version of a song called “Flamethrower Baptism”. I just want to say that is a really cool song name. Anyway, it sounds really really good considering it’s a demo. Peep that here.

Aborted have a music video for their new song “Termination Redux” which is taken from an Ep of the same name due for release next year. It’s probably not safe for work, unless your boss is a cannibal or something. You should probably get a new job if that’s the case, just saying. Check that out here.

-Icelandic band Cult of Lilith released a new single called “Abaddon” from their upcoming debut EP Arkanum. Check it out. Iceland has been doing quite well for metal lately.

-Weirdly named Spasmophiliaque have released a weird music video for a weird song that is called “Second Spawn”; it’s weird. Take a gander here.

Blade of Horus have a new song available for streaming called “Descent Into the Cosmic Realm of Everlasting Madness”. It comes from their upcoming album Monumental Massacre that will be out January 29th. Check it out.

Lost Soul is a band that was featured in a guest submission way back in the early days of TOH. This year they released an absolute fucking monster of an album, so I figured they deserved their own full TDT. First things first, put this in your earholes:

Right off the bat, Lost Soul crushes the listener with a visceral eruption of riffs hotter than white phosphorous. These Polish riff masters continue the furious onslaught of riffs and batshit insane drumming for the entirety of the album until nothing is left but absolute devastation. In that regard, they absolutely nailed it with the album art. Lost Soul also write some blistering solos that will make even the finest air guitarist pause in awe. At times they sound like Behemoth, especially considering the vocals. However, they are far more technical than Behemoth ever has been and probably ever will be. Don’t get me wrong, I love Behemoth, but they can’t hold a candle to the destructive force that is Lost Soul. These guys are also exceptional songwriters and make sure that no two songs ever blend together. In a genre as chaotic as tech death, that is quite an impressive feat.

I don’t know why this band isn’t huge yet, but they damn well should be. Atlantis: The New Beginning is one of the best technical death metal albums ever made and, in my humble opinion, is easily the best tech death album of 2015. Their previous album Immerse in Infinity is no slouch either, so don’t forget to give that one a listen as well. If you don’t already have this band in your collection, you need to rectify that post haste. Buy this absolute masterpiece of an album here, and don’t forget to give them a like on Facebook. Until next time,

Stay Tech

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