PREMIERE: Vanha‘s Within the Mist of Sorrow


Start the morning with a melancholy doom record from Sweden that’s sure to just ruin your entire day. RIYL: Katatonia, My Dying Bride, seasonal depression.

Within the Mist of Sorrow, the debut full-length from Sweden’s own Vanha will drop very soon, but we’ve got your first full stream of it right here. Vanha (Finnish for “Old”) is the product of Jan Johansson and drummer Jesse Oinas. The duo got together just a few short months ago, and immediately got hard to work putting together this slow, pummeling record.

I’m not much a doom enthusiast, but listening to Within the Mist of Sorrow all day yesterday was exactly what I needed. Jan Johansson’s combination of strings, keys, organs, and Peter Steele-esque clean vox on top of a crawling dirge-fest of distortion and suitably gruff growls makes for an engaging and surprisingly uplifting experience. There are even a few moments of spare piano that wouldn’t sound out-of-place on a dungeon synth record. (RIP Masterlord) My personal highlights are “Desolation” and opener “Into the Cold Light”. Dive into Within the Mist of Sorrow and see if if something doesn’t hook into your skin.

Pick up a digital or physical copy of Within the Mist of Sorrow right here, then follow Vanha on Facebook.

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