Reptilian Illuminati Remind Us That We Are Not Alone


On September 11th, 1997, Art Bell, host of Coast to Coast AM, the preeminent talk show for paranormal discussion, took a call from a man claiming to be an ex-employee of the United States government’s secret Area 51 facility at Groom lake, Nevada. The man claimed to have been on the run from the Federal government’s Men in Black, the taskforce responsible for investigating encounters with extraterrestrials and suppressing knowledge of those encounters from disseminating among the populace, after having been discharged from Area 51 a week before. “What we’re thinking of as aliens, Art, they’re extradimensional beings that an earlier precursor of the space program made contact with,” the caller stammers, clearly in shock and terror. “They are not what they claim to be. They have infiltrated a lot of aspects of the military establishment.” As the caller’s panic escalates, the talk reaches a fever pitch, culminating with, “And there’s a lot of safe areas in this world that they could begin moving the population to now, Art, but they are not doing anything.” Shortly after the caller warns, “They want those major population centers wiped out so that the few that are left will be more easily controllable,” the entire radio program was knocked off the air. Was the caller silenced? Has the secret New World Order cabal kept us in the dark? Twenty years from that fateful call, Reptilian Illuminati are here to spread the truth and to help us take the leap from dark to light.

What you need to understand before pressing play on the brilliant new instrumental doom album Dark/Light from the awakened prophets in Reptilian Illuminati is that this world is not as it seems. There is a hierarchy of existence, and we humans are on the the bottom of the food chain. It is our essence, specifically that energy contained in our calcified third eyes within our pineal glands, that our reptilian overlords, the shapeshifting extradimensional beings that orchestrate our government from the shadows, desire. The government keeps us pacified with fluoride in our waterchemicals in our air, art in our airports, and natural disasters in our weather system created by the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) device. The illuminati is everywhere, always watching, tracking, listening. To them, you are a sheep.

But fear not, for there is a way to wake up to the truth all around you. In addition to practical solutions, such as wearing tinfoil hats to protect yourself from the electromagnetic smog of the reptilians’ obtrusive Wi-Fi network, covering foliage in your region in white sheets to block harmful radioactive waves from household electronics, and spraying vinegar in your yard to break up chemtrail residue, you can listen to the words of free thinkers and open your third eye. To aid you along the path to spiritual enlightenment and aligned chakras, Reptilian Illuminati have compiled ten cases from the files of Balaam, Zann, & Associates for your awakening. Press play below, read the stories, and look beneath your surface. Soon, very soon indeed, you’ll be able to recognize the lies about NASA’s ice wall, spot Nibiru with your telescope, demand the truth behind controlled thermite detonations, and identify attendees of the annual Bohemian Grove Cremation of Care as globalist traitors of the human race. Soon, you’ll be able to join the global resistance against the new slavery.

But first, a test. The following checklist was developed by the sadly defunct AlienHub (knocked offline this year by the globalists to keep the truth hidden) and adapted from the groundbreaking work of our truther forefather David Icke. Before proceeding to the truth below, please ensure that you are not a reptilian infiltrator. If you are a human, you will be able to leave all of the items below unmarked. If you match any of the criteria below, you are likely a hideous vestige of the Anunnaki, a member of Jim Morrison’s cult, or one of Yakub’s twisted works that has banded together with our alien overlords to subjugate the free peoples of Earth, and I renounce you and banish you from this site.


1. Roswell, N.M. 1947

Dark/Light opens with an audio clip recounting the single most important UFO case, the crash of an alien vessel in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. Although the government has long denied the nature of the crash, first reporting that the downed vessel was a weather balloon and then, in the 1990s, disclosing two classified reports claiming the ship was actually a nuclear monitoring device developed as part of Project Mogul, a number of government and military personnel, including Colonel Philip J. Corso, have gone on the record reporting the truth of the matter, bravely denying the official government cover-up of the incident. The truth of the matter is that in 1947, an alien vessel composed of a semi-solid material crash-landed on a ranch 30 miles north of Roswell. A man named William Brazel discovered the wreckage and the bodies of extraterrestrials from the downed vessel, but the site was soon cordoned by men in black, the wreckage recovered, and the bodies taken to a secret compound in Nevada. The initial report from Roswell Army Air Field that a flying disc had been recovered from the site was contradicted by Commanding General of the Eighth Air Force Roger Ramey, and the weather balloon cover-up was concocted.

As the opening riffs of the album swell, cutting through a dense fog of acoustic guitars that blinds the vision, a narrator recounts, likely from the perspective of an Air Force investigator, the paper-thin, almost weightless material that composed the alien spacecraft. As we now know, that material was reverse-engineered to grant humanity a much-needed boost in technological advancement so that we could ultimately be more useful to our reptilian masters. Two alien bodies were also discovered at the site, as verified by a welder at the initial scene, and the findings from the autopsies conducted on those aliens have been used through GMO-development to alter biological life here on Earth as part of the globalist agenda.

The reason for opening the album with such a well-documented case is simple: the Roswell incident altered the course of human history, giving the traitors in our government new tools and biological weaponry with which to monitor and subjugate the populace. Although many brave souls have attempted to disseminate the truth over the years, as Reptilian Illuminati do on this song with the heroic riffs that set the defiant tone for the remainder of the album, the lies pandered by the globalists and their media lackeys continue to obfuscate the truth for those who have yet to awaken. Do not believe reporters like Annie Jacobsen who claim that the two bodies recovered were merely shrunken children developed as part of a Soviet spy-program initiated by Josef Megele; extraterrestrials have visited us, and though many have come to do harm, others want to help us break the shackles of the reptilians and the Archons above them.


2. Betty and Barney Hill

In 1961, New Hampshire residents Barney and Betty Hill were abducted while driving through the mountains of their native state in what is considered the first widely publicized alien abduction case in the United States (although clearly not the first abduction case ever, as that practice has been going on since early extraterrestrial astronauts first made contact with earthlings, leaving behind the Nazca Lines and the Pyramid Inch to guide out future endeavors). Mr. and Mrs. Hill were traveling home from a vacation in Niagara Falls when, around 10:30 at night, Betty spotted a ball of light in the sky between the Moon and Jupiter. Concerned and wishing to take a closer look, Barney stopped at a picnic area near Twin Mountain, and the two, after careful observation determined that the strange light was no light at all, but rather an erratically moving flying saucer. The couple continued their drive, playing cat and mouse with the craft for some time before the vessel finally dropped toward their vehicle near Indian Head. Barney observed through the windows on the craft a vaguely humanoid crew who were in turn observing him. Shortly after the Hills attempted to flee, their consciousnesses left their bodies, and the final thing they can recall before driving home was a strange, burning orb in the road (potentially the same craft as that piloted by the aliens mistaken for monsters in Flatwoods, West Virginia, although the Invaders and Zeta Reticulans were not known to have made contact at that time).

After a series of medical examinations, the Hills were returned to their vehicle, and they returned home, their erratic behaviors at home and loss of time the only immediate signs that anything amiss had transpired. However, over the coming weeks Betty would experience vivid dreams of her ordeal while Barney struggled to cope with the mental block he had subconsciously placed on his memory. The couple would eventually divulge their ordeal to UFO research group NICAP member Walter N. Webb and USAF Captain Ben Swett before undergoing hypnosis in the treatment of Benjamin Simon. Simon’s therapy revealed the Hills had undergone anatomical examinations aboard the alien craft by creatures from outer space intent on learning more about humanity. The therapy sessions both set the Hills’ troubled minds at ease and allowed them to recall a star map they had seen aboard the craft. Years later, Marjorie Fish, an amateur astronomer, would decode that star map by constructing a three-dimensional model, discovering that the extraterrestrials who examined the Hills were benevolent visitors from the Zeta Reticuli system.

Unfortunately, the Globalist-controlled media would do all they could to discredit the benign visit of the Zeta Reticulans as a fraud in order to minimize their potential helpful influence on mankind. In addition to psychiatrists and pundits painting Betty Hill as a loon later in her life, renowned “scientist” and Reptilian shill Carl Sagan would even go so far as to attack the Hills and their credibility on television. Fortunately, Reptilian Illuminati have preserved the official statement of one proponent of the Hills (quite possibly renowned physicist Stanton Friedman himself), acknowledging the truth of the incident here with sweeping, major-key riffs and a solo that burns as bright as the orb the Hills saw that night in New Hampshire. “The story must be taken at face value,” we are told as the song delivers us into glorious light.


3. Pascagoula River

As the last strains of “Betty and Barney Hill” drift away into the vast, empty void, the voice of Charles Hickson, one of two men abducted in 1973 on the west bank of the Pascagoula River by friendly extraterrestrials for the purpose of medical examination, entreats us to embrace the greater mystery of the cosmos and explore what lies beyond our current, Reptilian-created veil. Hickson would go on to found a company called UFO Investigations in an effort to spread awareness regarding the benign cosmic entities that would aid us in our fight for liberation from the Reptilians.

“Pascagoula River” is a short track featuring one of the most compelling chugs in the whole album and acts as the perfect transition between “Betty and Barney Hill” and “Fire in the Sky,” its dynamic riff work inspiring bravery in the heart just as Hickson’s brave report under the duress of a polygraph test revealed the truth of the matter. Extraterrestrial beings are out there, and whether the entities who abducted Hickson and Parker were also from Zeta Reticuli or not, it is hopeful to know we have allies in the cold void.


4. Fire in the Sky

As the triumphant strains of “Pascagoula River” yield to a tremulous bass grinding open “Fire in the Sky,” we are introduced to Travis Walton and his widely publicized abduction case. On November 5th, 1975, Travis Walton was riding in a company truck with several of his coworkers in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest in Arizona when the logging crew encountered a flying saucer hovering above the roadway. Compelled by a blinding light and a subliminal vibration (potentially resonating the body thetans residing within his bloodstream), Walton vacated the truck and wandered toward the light. Terrified, his coworkers fled. Walton was beamed aboard the ship by a blinding white light and disappeared.

“I looked at the vague but reassuring forms of the doctors around me. Abruptly my vision cleared. The sudden horror of what I saw rocked me as I realized I was definitely not in a hospital. I was looking square into the face of a horrible creature . . . with huge, luminous brown eyes the size of quarters! I looked frantically around me. There were three of them! Hysteria overcame me instantly.”

Five days later, Walton reappeared with vague memories of a medical inspection and little else. He and his coworkers were each given polygraph tests by various jurisdictions, and despite frequent claims to the contrary by psychologists and game show host shills, all of the witnesses of the incident passed the test, proving the veracity of Walton’s claims. To this day, Walton supports his claims and seeks to spread the truth of the malicious interlopers working in union with the globalists to extract valuable energy from their human cattle; Walton hosts his own Skyfire Summit UFO event in Arizona and continues to warn others of the dangers lurking around every corner.

Although it is possible that Walton’s polygraph tests were indeed fake, a more likely explanation is the Mandela Effect caused by The European Organization for Nuclear Research CERN’s Large Hadron Collider inadvertently shifting our reality into an adjacent dimension within the multiverse. As you’re no doubt aware, the purpose of the LHC is to open a wormhole within the fabric of space time, just as the ancient Egyptians did, but the scientists were tricked by their globalist masters into opening a Stargate for Shiva, the Hindu god of destruction, whose potent energies forced our dimensional plane into the next. This dimensional melding did little to change actual encounters between extraterrestrial forces and human beings, but it did allow enough doubt to creep into the public consciousness regarding myriad events, from children’s books to political leaders’ deaths, to render humanity more malleable to reptilian machinations.

Thankfully, Reptilian Illuminati use Walton’s own testimony, along with mighty, mid-paced chords, to remind us that the truth will set us free. “Fire in the Sky” is, fittingly, the longest track on the album, and its exceptional riffs are given plenty of time for subtle melodies to develop naturally, bursting forth in blinding leads and licks around Walton’s monologue like the truth cutting through a shroud of lies and deceit. Listen to “Fire in the Sky” and open your eyes.


5. Valentich

As the blinding truth of “Fire in the Sky” dims and fades, an eerie tone peals across the black void left behind. Reptilian Illuminati then begin to weave the tale of Frederick Valentich, an amateur Australian pilot who disappeared mysteriously in October of 1978. Official theories posit that Valentich either faked his own death and landed his Cessna 182 at Cape Otway or that he had become disoriented and flown his craft upside down, eventually mistaking his own reflection in the water for lights in the sky. However, these official stories contradict Valentich’s own reports during his flight; the young pilot clearly witnessed a larger, metallic object, which he reported as “not an aircraft” with blinking lights above him. The object, now known to be a hostile UFO based out of the Bass Strait Triangle, an insidious alien testing facility that houses a crystal pyramid identical to that in the Bermuda Triangle, destroyed Valentich’s vessel. Valentich himself reported engine failure, and his final recording contains metallic crunching sounds consistent with a collision with a metallic vessel.

“Valentich” is perhaps the most mournful song on the entire record; its lugubrious, grinding riffs mellow into a somber drone as a reporter warns true believers that releasing official explanations of UFO cases may cause extortion and victim-blaming among the general populace. Paired with the majestic “Fire in the Sky,” “Valentich” acts as a sober warning that there are consequences for those who seek the truth. Like Valentich, who was an avowed UFO believer, curious minds will be targeted by the globalist conspirators. Should you walk this path, you must be prepared for the reptilians to seek you out.


6. Rendlesham Forest

After the languishing courage of “Valentich,” Reptilian Illuminati bolster our hearts once more with some of their most crushing riffs on the entire record. “Rendlesham Forest” commences with a hulking start-stop riff that occasionally opens to empty space where subtle feedback is pierced only by the occasional crack of percussion. Such an aggressive turn following the dour “Valentich” reminds us of the importance of our fight against the globalists and their shadowy cabal.

Midway through the track, the riffs completely bottom out to allow Lt. Col. Charles I. Halt to present his first-person account of the United Kingdom’s most famous contact with extraterrestrials. The Rendlesham Forest incident is often referred to as the UK’s Roswell on the strength of the testimony of the sober-minded authorities involved. Early morning December 26th, 1980, USAF servicemen, stationed at the Royal Air Force Woodbridge base in Suffolk, England, witnessed strange lights descending into nearby Rendlesham Forest. As they investigated the odd glowing orb, cattle at a nearby farm bayed in a panicked frenzy. This behavior in cattle is quite common around extraterrestrials due to the animals’ heightened senses, and abduction cases go back as far as 1897. While some cases of cattle mutilation can certainly be explained by Chupacabra attacks, the Chupacabra is not endemic to the UK, so the explanation is something far more otherworldly.

Officers responding the next day found a triangular pattern of indentations and burn marks in the forest floor consistent with alien landing craft. These findings were verified two days later by Lt. Col. Hart and several other serviceman. Hart’s audio note, which you can hear above and which is decisively sampled by Reptilian Illuminati in this song, remains one of the best primary source accounts of an alien encounter. After measuring the radiation of the landing site, Hart and the other serviceman, all of whom have testified since then regarding the veracity of their statements, witnessed three lights in the sky, one of which beamed down a stream of light, likely with the intent of capturing cattle. Although many have attempted to debunk Lt. Col. Hart’s testimony over the years, the stalwart soldier’s eyewitness account and audio recording are indisputable proof of aliens meddling in the human food supply chain, and as can be seen in the first figure in this article, this measure is one critical strategy of controlling the population for the life forms higher on the food chain. By including this account in the middle of the album, Reptilian Illuminati seek to remind us once more what’s at stake and to show that whatever price we may pay, as Valentich did, we must continue to struggle.


7. Whitley Strieber

As Dark/Light approaches its inevitable, apocalyptic climax, Reptilian Illuminati turn to the familiar face of Whitley Strieber, author of classic horror novels The Wolfen and The Hunger, to remind us of all the tireless warriors fighting the good fight. In addition to his prolific work as a fiction author, Strieber has long been an advocate for delving beneath the surface of the reality presented to us by the media shills. His landmark non-fiction novel, Communion, presents his own story of an encounter with otherworldly beings that occurred in 1985. It is one of his numerous interviews regarding this event that is recounted by his own voice.

As can be heard in “Whitley Strieber,” the novelist was taken by some sort of ascending mechanism (perhaps one of the mysterious staircases in the woods favored by extradimensional beings for stepping between the thin spots that link dimensions) into a vessel where he was examined by an odd being. Strieber goes to great lengths to remind us that the Visitors who abducted him may not in fact be extraterrestrials; instead, they may be servants of the extradimensional Archons, the beings, headed by Enki or Lucifer, who manipulate the actions of the Reptilians themselves to feed upon the potent psychic energy of humans gathered from pineal glands. These Archons themselves have used globalist organizations within the US government, such as JASON or the Collins Elite, to maintain a grip of fear and paranoia over humanity and to conduct military warfare against benevolent extraterrestrials who would aid us in the war for truth.

Strieber notes that humanity has been guided along by greater consciousnesses, but he too acknowledges that some have intended to aid humanity rather than harm it. The author himself was visited by one such entity, the Master of the Keys, who revealed to him the nature of psychology, climate change (denied by the NWO globalists who would pacify us), technology, and the Tarot of Marseilles. Like Nostradamus before him, Strieber now acts as a scion of information for the human resistance, so we must look to him and those who support him, like Reptilian Illuminati, for guidance. That the track “Whitley Strieber,” with its shimmering chords and ethereal synths, holds such beauty and mystery amidst its turbulent doom riffs is but one reminder of the importance and majesty of this fight for truth and the grace of its champions.


8. Groom Lake

Although even the government and their JASON/Men in Black/Collins Elite lackeys acknowledge that the top secret UFO site Area 51 is real and located at Groom Lake, Nevada, what is never disclosed is the nature of the government’s reverse engineering program, bequeathed to our human slavers by their extradimensional masters to make it easier to subjugate us. No, as Reptilian Illuminati acknowledge with an audio recording from a former Groom Lake staffer named Bob Lazar on the track bearing the same title, the NWO military agents have for years dissected, analyzed, and reproduced alien technologies in order to make their tools and techniques of subjugation more efficient. As they learned when they deployed the Mothman to Point Pleasant, West Virginia to terrorize the local populace under the watchful eye of the men in black, terror is the most potent means of control, and what better way to control ordinary citizens that to frighten them with inexplicable and portentous events?

As such, “Groom Lake” is a mysterious track, with deeply resonating acoustic notes urging us to look deeper into the void of information peddled as the truth from by our government handlers. The track follows Lazar’s narration of the reverse-engineering process and recounts his own transition from skeptic to faithful as he learned more and more of the nefarious S-4 and their UFO base. To this day, Lazar remains one of the most important champions in the fight for truth, having brought the details of Area 51 into the public eye and spreading secret government documents regarding the reverse engineering program. It is only fitting, then, that “Groom Lake” ends with such a triumphant riff after the contemplative acoustic passage; Lazar’s legacy is a proud one, and as we draw ever closer to the grand revelation of Dark/Light, we must remember all the work that has been done to disseminate the truth and awaken humanity.


9. Ruwa, Zimbabwe

As Dark/Light approaches its final arc, we are taken through one last lull in the narrative, a brief track recounting the experiences of everyday people in Ruwa, Zimbabwe, who have long been subjects to the terror of meddling extraterrestrial forces. This brief track, featuring only a plaintive, reverb-drenched and dirge-like riff, illustrates the very reason for which Reptilian Illuminati, Strieber, and Lazar fight for truth. They fight for humanity.

As the interviewer in the track notes, “These are people of sound mind… describing something very real.” The experience in question, a UFO landing in Zimbabwe wherein 60 schoolchildren were mentally touched by an invader, illustrates the length to which our controllers will go to maintain their food sourse. “Ruwa, Zimbabwe” reminds us that the crimes of the globalists extend even to the most vulnerable, so we must steel ourselves for action.


10. The Phoenix Lights

Dark/Light concludes with “The Phoenix Lights,” its most militant track. The song features a powerful, deeply evocative epic doom riff accented by a martial cadence and stirring melodic leads to usher us into the bright white light of truth and illumination. It also drives the final nail in the coffin of deception from government officials by highlighting a mea culpa from Fife Symington, former governor of Arizona who ridiculed all of the witnesses of a mass UFO sighting in Phoenix in 1997. As can be heard on the track, Symington admits that he too witnessed the famous lights, but even moreso, he saw an alien craft for what it really was.

A rendering of the Phoenix Lights

Although Symington initially mocked all of the thousands of witnesses, he has had the fortitude to reject the government’s official explanation and accept the truth of what he saw. Aliens have visited Earth, and the powers that be do not want us to know. Simple as that is, this is the crux of Reptilian Illuminati’s revelation. We are not alone. We have been manipulated for centuries by forces who feed upon us. We have been deceived by our own government into accepting falsehoods. We can be free if we reject these falsehoods and open our eyes.


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