Darkcell – ‘Hail To The Freaks’: A Video Breakdown


Aaahh freak out!
Le freak, see’est Chic

Every band is inspired by other bands. Metal is no exception. Some formulas and styles work no matter what is trendy or popular at any given moment. Countless bands draw from classic bands like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Slayer, Death, and others. Heck, “Sabbath-worship” is practically it’s own sub-genre at this point. The line can occasionally blur between”inspired by” and “damn, this really sounds like” when it comes to influence.

Darkcell (or DARKC3LL, if you prefer) are an industrial rock/metal band from Australia. They’ve been around since 2010 and they like the spooky stuff. Not like “I’m going to stab you to death” or “they’re not concerts, they’re ‘rituals and invocations’ mom!” type of spooky. More like they have a song called “Exorcist” and their guitarist is named Postmortem Matt type of spooky. Y’know, family-friendly fun spooky. Just like Rob Zombie. Really, really like Rob Zombie. Let’s break down their latest video to see how much Darkcell is inspired by Mr. Zombie.


They’re trying to hypnotize us into watching The Lords Of Salem.


What are we supposed to do for Satan?


Oh, okay. Thanks for clarifying.


Between the long hair and dangling clothes, Darkcell are one jet engine away from becoming confetti.


Not only does he sound like Rob Zombie, but he dances like him as well.


If they get any closer to those flames, this is going to become a Pepsi commercial.


I’m seeing double. Four Zombies!


Welllll Frankenstein motherfucker Raggedy Ann
Chupacabra hotrod Invisible Man
Grindhouse mama lama flash in the pan
Beep boop meep mop Godzilla Japan
(h/t @MetalShayne2000)


When Shagrath eats frozen cheeseburgers from Dollar Tree.


This is what it’s like when someone doses your Nashville hot chicken.


The single “Hail To The Freaks” is available now (it was released in 2017, but hey, releasing a video almost is 2019 is better late than never, right?) via DarkTunes Music Group.

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