TMP: The Black Dahlia Murder, Sodom, Emma Ruth Rundle & More!


Have nightmares about drowning in news every Monday, wake up, and drown in news. Every Monday.

Should your location be somewhere in The Midwest, you might just be able to make it to this mini-tour The Black Dahlia Murder and Midnight are playing around the Annihilation fest, with Temple of Void and Mutilatred

To tease their upcoming full-length, to-be-released sometime next year, Sodom is going to release Partisan Ep on November 23rd, first new studio recording in god-knows how long to feature returning guitarist Frank Blackfire, as well as first ever to feature two guitarists and drummer Stefan Hüskens (Desaster, Asphyx).

Enjoy a brand new, spanking Voivod track from the soon-to-be-released album, The Wake

After many years, we’re being treated to a pretty decent new Cirith Ungol track. The only downside of it is, that a physical copy of the single (paired with a live rendition of an old song) costs about as much as a Polish man makes in a month.

Emma Ruth’s latest Rundle’s my Trundle.

  • Within Temptation feat Papa Roach
  • Northward
  • Deicide
  • Melvins join with Al Cisneros of Sleep for the umpteenth super-duper surprising and not-at-all-tired-and-unnecessary note-for-note cover of a Black Sabbath song. Please stop.
  • Metal Gear Death Metal 2: Realms of Eternal Decay
  • Azusa, the band featuring members of The Dillinger Escape Plan and Extol, has got a new jam for you
  • Commit Bloodicide with Jeff Walker, John Walker and Karl Willets, courtesy of Blööpbath
  • Pestilence looking for a new bassist with open application – must not use pick, must not abuse substances, must be angelic & lyciferian alpha male.
  • ProgPower announced some bands
  • Cult Leader back at it again
  • Andy Whale steps down from Memoriam
  • Henry Derek Elis of Scar The Martyr/Act of Defiance going solo
  • Dödsrit
  • Slipknot ’bout to re-release All Hope Is Gone with previously unheard material – we reviewed .5 so someone has to be interested in this
  • Pyrexia
  • Internal Bleeding
  • Flat Earth, a new band featuring members of HiM, Amorphis and Hallatar members prepares to release their studio debut. Sounds like a continuation of HiM.
  • Soulfly feat Randy Blythe
  • Modern Life Is War, except when it’s not
  • Architects
  • DEP-Greg has got a new song for you from his new project Not-Depeche-Mode The Black Queen
  • Orcehstralvarius
  • Rejoice – Mötley Crüe is making a comeback. Already. Although it might not last longer than it takes to record four new songs for The Dirt movie.
  • There’s a new Zao track streaming from their split 7″ with Yashira over at… Metal Injection
  • Neue Doro
  • Grave Digger latest single off of The Living Dead continues with the single most tire(d/some) theme imaginable – The Power Of Metal.
  • Imagine sucking so much you become a Supersucker
  • As it is customary in 2018, Unleash The Archers is releasing lyric video from an album that came out over a year ago (at least a traditional music video would have new visuals) to mark their tour with Helion Prime
  • Tengger Cavalry’s horse ran away. Oh what’s a poor cavalryman to do?
  • This Baron’s endured Four Strokes and he’s still standing. What a champ.
  • Nothgard
  • Carcharodon. You know there’s something wrong with these boys’ heads when they called their album Bukkraken.
  • Uncle Acid & The Weedcakes Deadbeats
  • Laaaadies and Gentle Ben, tonight, for one night only, The Very Original Line-Up of Misfits, has reunited for your pleasure. By tonight I mean the 27th of April, which is by definition not-today and also very far away. And also in Chicago.
  • Castle can’t escape evil, could be because castle don’t much move. But then again, what do I know?
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