Tech Death Thursday!


It’s face melting time!

I’m starting today with a band that many people may not refer to as tech death initially, but that has the technicality and the brutality that come with it. That band is The Seer. This group out of Newcastle, Australia released an album called “The Prologue” in April of this year and it seems to have flown under the radar. I almost missed it myself. After hearing bits and pieces I took some time to sit down, listen to their album in it’s entirety, and allow myself to be blown away by their musical prowess. They classify themselves as a symphonic death metal band on their Bandcamp, but they touch on so many more genres. Check out “Eternal Cataclysm” as an example:

The intro to the song screams symphonic death metal until the blast beats kick in and their technicality begins to bleed through. Soon there is a small section with a tiny solo that could comfortably fit into the tech death mold, followed by a little melodic section and an even more badass solo later. Heck, you could probably classify these guys as melodeath too. They have a little bit of everything in their songs. The Prologue is definitely a contender on my album of the year list. Show these dudes some love by buying their album and liking them on Facebook. 


Onward to Killitorous (yes it is pronounced exactly how you would expect). Think of this band as what would happen if Origin and Cattle Decapitation had a baby that developed a sick sense of humor and went slightly insane. These Canadians dropped their album “Party, Grind” earlier this year and it’s a doozy. Insane technicality, machine gun drumming, monstrous vocals, awesome guitars AND a sense of humor! I mean come on, what’s not to like? Here’s the first song I heard by them:

I just love this song, the thunderous drumming, the searing guitars, maniacal vocals, just everything about them makes me smile. They do an excellent job of incorporating the sound of deathgrind and mixing it with elements of technical death metal to create something truly unique.  This band produces some great eargasm material.  They don’t take themselves too seriously and they aren’t afraid to show it, as evidenced by the makeshift Stan Lee in that vid.  If you ask me, that’s something we need more of in metal (bands not taking themselves seriously, not makeshift Stan Lees, one is probably enough). The band has been dropping hints about a new song on their Facebook. Some of you may be thinking, “ok, one song, so what?” Did I mention it will be a vocal collaboration with the vocalist from Unhuman, who were featured in an earlier TDT post? Get hyped! If you can honestly tell me beyond a shadow of a doubt that this band isn’t awesome (inb4 Masterlord), then you are doing it wrong and should join me in the interrogation room for a lesson on staying tech.


Our next entry is a submission from reader crazytaco_12. Lets chat about Polish metallers, Redemptor. This band is pretty new to me but I can already say several things about them with total certainty.  Number 1: these guys need to tour with Gorod.  Number 2: I absolutely love the progressive edge that these guys have.  It fits in perfectly with the music and I really can’t imagine this particular song without it. The way the prog bits meld into the technical bits to form something greater pleases me.  Number 3:  I gave them money and you should too.  Number 4: these guys need to tour with Gorod.  Lastly, these guys need to tour with Gorod. Here is “4th Density”, from their EP 4th Density which came out in 2011:

Don’t forget to support them on Bandcamp and Facebook because you will inevitably dig the shit out of their music. Thanks for staying tech crazytaco_12(Joe Note: God, I hate you Jack Bauer)


Lastly, we have a guest submission from GhostFlusher.  I’ll let him take it away:

Not long ago (pun intended), a majority of the metal community thought that Son of Aurelius had come and gone with their sole release, The Farthest Reaches, a monumental statement of a debut album. However, just this year, they independently released their sophomore album, Under a Western Sun, and shocked some fans with their newer sound. While many fans were open to the change after a 4 year wait, some fans were hesitant. While I have to disagree with those fans, there is a little something for those who wanted more of the same. Original vocalist Josh Miller released this track that was cut from the first album on his personal Bandcamp, and like any song from The Farthest Reaches, it’s a total face-melter. With dizzying leads, masterful bass work, and sick drumming, this gives the fans a dose of some serious tech madness.

That’s some good stuff!  Thanks GhostFlusher! If you would like to submit a guest submission just let me know. That’s it for this week’s edition of Tech Death Thursday, have a great rest of the week and STAY TECH.

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