Review: Dan TerminusLast Call for All Passengers


This review appears courtesy of  Puddnutzacclaimed Toilet ov Hell Discord moderator and all-around Gud Boi.™

I suppose you’re wondering…Who is this person? Why do they have an article on my favorite toilet fetishist and owl worshiping site? Where’s Old Man Jenkins? Well keep wondering and read on about the latest opus from synth-extraordinaire, Dan Terminus.

If you’ve listened to Dan’s previous offerings, forget about them! Literally. Not because they’re bad or this one is that good (note: They’re all awesome and NYP on Bandcamp and why are they not in your collection already?), but Last Call for All Passengers is so much different than his prior releases.

Someone sharing The Wrath of Code to the TovH Facebook group is what got me into synthwave in the first place.

I purposely didn’t listen to the tracks that were released with music videos so I could be surprised when the whole thing came out…and what a surprise!  This album is heavily influenced by late ‘90s/early ‘00s breakbeat and drum’n’bass, but with Dan’s signature dark synth flair. I believe if this album had come out around the same time as Prodigy’s Fat of the Land it would have been huge.

The opening track, Oubliette, starts innocently enough like a lot of other tracks in the synthwave genre and then slaps you with the new sound about 25 seconds in.

From there on, the breakbeat/DnB influences continue with increasingly different synth structure around it and it works beautifully. “Disfigured” and “Feral,” for example, take a more nightclub vibe whereas “Multitude” and “March” take a more frenetic pace.

Really though, it is worth your time to give the album a full listen. Even if you have a passing interest in heavy non-metal you should find something you like about it.

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