Track Premiere: Fathomless Ritual – “Gorge of the Nameless”


Crank the gurgle to 11.

On February 12, 2024, newcomers Fathomless Ritual will release their 8-song debut Hymns for the Lesser Gods on the almighty Transcending Obscurity Records. Featuring Brendan Dean (Gutvoid, Pukewraith), Fathomless play the kind of demented and calamitous death metal made so famous by Demilich, damn near perfected by Chthe’ilist, and guiding the murky light of 2023 favourites Dead and Dripping. Boasting a “darker, murkier, [more] cavernous” sound than their forebears and contemporaries, Fathomless Ritual confront the listener with “a constant barrage of riffs all wriggling their way into your brain.” If you’re gonna play this style of regurgitating, rotten death metal, it’s gotta wriggle and it’s gotta wiggle.

Today, we’re stoked to bring you a special premiere of the third single from Hymns for the Lesser Gods “Gorge of the Nameless.” As the track encircles you with a maddening whirlwind of those weirdly waggling Finnish riffs, you would be forgiven for feeling nothing less than gorged upon by the Nameless pukewraiths haunting the depthless, echoing, eternal chasm—the very chasm up and out from arise the stinking Fumes of odiferous solos. It’s an entirely malodorous affair but nothing so stinking you won’t find yourself delighting in being consumed.

If all of this stinks too much of death metal fan with his favourite thesaurus open, here’s what B. Dean has to say about his new project:

“The concept behind Hymns for the Lesser Gods is reviving the rituals and sacrifices that our proto-human ancestors practiced in order to appease gods once worshipped but now long forgotten to history. In the track “Gorge of the Nameless”, it recounts a pilgrimage made by a band of our ancestors across a desolate, paleolithic plain to a steep cliffside. Once they have made the climb, in order to deliver the dead to their deity they fling the lifeless bodies down into the gorge below, as only in their gravitational baptism through the space between the ledge and the ground can the dead lose their identity in life and become purified as a nameless one to be received by their god of absence.”

Gravitational baptisms. Nameless purifications. Gods of absence. This is heady stuff! So click play on the video below, enjoy the next 4 minutes of your life, and head over to Bandcamp to pre-order the album and some sick merch. If you’re asking, I’d like the tanktop with the yellow design. Please and thanks!

Hymns for the Lesser Gods will debut February 12
on Transcending Obscurity Records.
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