TMP: Soilwork, Gorod, Chthonic, and More!


News! Can’t talk now, football on.

New Soilwork track sounds like good Soilwork.

Hell yeah, new track from Azusa.

Cryptopsy debuted a track.

The last Gorod before this Friday’s release.

  • At the Gates, The Haunted, Witchery tour in Australia.
  • New Clutch tour dates.
  • Soreption had to dip out of a US tour due to crippling bureaucracy.
  • New Cadaveric Fumes from an upcoming split.
  • Holy shit, a festival in Chicago featuring bands from one of my favorite labels (Prosthetic)? Pretty sure I’ll be there for the Atlas Moth day, at least.
  • New hymn to help us All Hail the Yeti.
  • New Behemoth beer will help you laugh off extremely problematic events.
  • New noodling from Sarah Longfield.
  • Corpsessed is a ridiculous name with cool? art, new track.
  • I think this is link to the Isis reunion show that I am going to check out asap, benefit for Caleb Scofield.
  • Another Chthonic video/song.
  • Marty Friedman live.
  • New Metal Church vid.
  • New Wristmeetrazor from an album coming in January.
  • New Avantasia album details.
  • New lyric video from Unleashed. Album in two weeks.
  • New Legion of the Damned lyric video, album in January.
  • Chrome Division lyric video, album out in November.
  • New Deadspace is facepaint metal.
  • Mayhem remixed Grand Declaration of War.
  • Silly Witch Casket video.
  • Henry Derek Elis (Act of Defiance) took some notes from Big Enough.
  • Audiotopsy (ex Mudvayne, ex Skrape) put out a new not good song.
  • Guardians Of Time feat Rippy Owens. He’s also allegedly re-releasing Judas Priest albums that he thinks the band is neglecting to remove his legacy.
  • Corpsefucking Art is what you’d expect.
  • Majority stake of Nuclear Blast bought by Believe Digital.
  • Ozzy hand surgeries, cancelling shows.
  • There will be a tribute show for We Came As Romans‘s vocalist Kyle Pavone. October 28th at the Fillmore in Detroit.
  • Winds Of Plague US tour w/ Entheos and The Mirage Theory. Spite and The Zenith Passage on select dates.

Late Lizard addition: New Svartidauði just announced!

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