Riff of the Week: Bump n’ Grind / 7-2-16


Guy Playing Electric Guitar In Wheat Field

This dude is fucking tight.

Greetings, fellow dorks. This week’s riff-off is focused on grind. I did it for the W., but who will grind supreme? The time to decide is nigh.

Last week, Gorak took the crown with some low hanging fruit of the viking variety.

Next week you get free reign. Any riff, any riff at all. Been stashing a riff in your back pocket, waiting for the right time to break it out? Holding on to a nasty lick for a rainy day? Next Saturday is that day, amigo. Send your riffs to toiletovhellriff@gmail.com. Include your name, a link to the riff, the time of the riff, and an explanation.




There is no more hopeless grind band than Blockheads, and the riff that hits at the 30 second mark in this song is the sound of realities collapsing in upon themselves.


Brock Samson

There are a million riffs from a million different grind band. Here is one of those riffs from one of theose bands. Start at 00:36.



Took this as a local Grind showcase opportunity. There’s a simple but v. effective descending riff at 0:31 (and repeating thereafter). But readers really should listen to the whole. It will only take a minute – and a few seconds. Literally.



How to you ensure your first album back after a 12-years absence will crvsh maximum dong: include this riff within the first song. Also; there need to be Richard Hoak drumming-face emojis. 1:36.



If there is one riff that symbolizes all that is grind, It’s this one. It’s just too obvious, that’s why you should vote for it.



Solid as fuck grind from quite possibly the only grindcore band to come out of Saudi Arabia. Riff and blastbeats ahoy start at 2:30.


Hans Müller

Favourite song off favourite album by German grinders “JaKa” (for short). As grind songs go, it’s a bit of an opus, but well worth your while. First occurence of my nominee is at 1:34, leading into the verse. Although the one at 2:29 is also awesome… and then 3:16 and how it eventually winds back down into the verse… man, this whole song is just fun.


Ted Nü-Djent

Back before I decided to embrace the dad bod and become a fat piece of shit, Grind was my go to music when working out at the gym. Massgrav used to get me to go places that I never thought were possible during intense cardio sessions. Riff starts at 0.00 but hey, the song is 53 seconds long so why not just play the whole damn thing from these crazy Swedish bastards.



Although this song’s ending riff (2:04) is way awesome and sure to get stuck in your head, it doesn’t grind like the opening riff does. Blast off at 0:03.





When I think grind, I think big. When I think big, I think mammoths. Who are the biggest grind band in the world?


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