Riff Of The Week: Smoke Edition


Riffs from Witch Vomit, Cannabis Corpse, Wode, Down, Infernal Torment, Grim Earth, I Am The Liquor, and Rose Rose.

Before it gets hazy, let’s take alook at the results from last week’s Knives Out Edition. Looks like the grind kings Napalm Death just cleared the bar set by of this year’s hypefests from Smoulder and Vastum.

This week’s theme was smoke
Let’s see what you sent in…

Rose Rose – ‘End in Smoke’ (Riff @ 8:43)

Since original Earache artist Blackberry SmokeTM seemed just too overpowered of a choice for ROTW, I had to hit up the ol’ Metal Archives to drum up some other ideas for this week’s “smoke” theme. Piercing through the fog of every stoner band in existence, my riff gleamed before me with an incandescence that only an album entitled “Mosh of Ass” could ever provide. TL:DR p tight Japanese crossover, hit it up.

Cannabis Corpse – ‘Considered Dank’ (Riff @ 0:37)


Drivel Headed Shill Machine
Down – ‘Bury Me In Smoke’ (Riff @ 3:59)

This riff’s such a beast Kirk and Pepper didn’t want to stop playing it on this album closing track. Only the best riffs are worthy of a fade-out and reprise, surely? May the power of the riff compel you!

Witch Vomit – ‘Fumes of Dying Bodies’ (Riff @ 2:20)

This riff does everything right: as it goes on and the drums get more in sync with it, it only gets better, and it leads right into the next awsome riff.

Witch Vomit – ‘Fumes Of Dying Bodies’ (Riff @ 3:12)

that or 2:15 are pretty fucking sick

Wode – ‘Trails Of Smoke’ (Riff @ 2:28)

At my world’s end party only this song will be played.

Clean Sanchez
Infernal Torment – ‘Inhaled’ (Riff @ 2:29)

Ask me about SMOKE?….INHALED!….I’d say! Birthrate Zero! The album! Fantastico damn album.
Inhaled: Damn good song, Death Metal Goodness with a bunch of juicy oddities…The sudden party Riff is so out of place its` what we in the business call RIFFTASTIC! ”

Iron Goddess of Mercy
Grim Earth – “Mouth” (Riff @ 0:04)

Everything about this is derivative and stupid and excessive… it works perfectly. Smoke those bloody nugs if you got ’em. <3

I Am The Liquor – ‘Planet Smoke’ (Riff @ 0:48)

Shitmoths Randy, shitmoths.

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