Flush it Friday: How Do D&D?


I’ve been a hopeless nerd dwelling in various basements for a couple decades now; if it’s the sort of thing that would get you stuffed into a locker, odds are I’ve done it/still do it well into my adult life. And yet I’ve never run a game of D&D- I’ve played for ages, but never actually sat behind the DM’s screen. All that changes this weekend, and I’m super nervous. Telling an engaging story is hard, and I’m hoping I don’t bore my players to tears. But that’s all for tomorrow; for now, I’m gonna catch up on some articles from this week.

Karhu gave the new Borknagar a glowing review:

Review: Borknagar – True North

Sepulcrustacean gave a similarly solid review for the new Oath of Cruelty:

Oath of Cruelty – Summary Execution at Dawn

Joe, Breno, and 365 suffered for our amusement:

Toilet Radio 219: The Top Rawk Songs of 2019

Leif Bearikson played midwife to Skullcrush’s new album, bring it into this world in all its grimy glory:

Premiere: Skullcrush Will Guide You to Archaic Towers of Annihilation

SLNC definitely proved that the internet was a mistake:

Into The Batushkaverse: When One Schism Is Not Enough

Flush away, my friends.

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