Riff Of The Week: Dirt Edition


Shower in soil.

Before we dig into this week’s entries, let’s take a look at the results from last week’s Grind Edition. In a week light on choice, DrummerNard’s Nasum submission eventually pulled through and took out the win. Well done!

Here are your entries for this week…

Danzig – ‘Dirty Black Summer’ (Riff @ 0:45)

You can tell Danzig is an East Coast Elite from the opening lines of this song. “No summer in the winter time”? Someone’s never visited Texas (or the southern hemisphere) in December. Climatic generalizations aside, the main riff at 0:45 slaps. This song also has one of the catchiest “UGH!s in Danzig’s discography. I also just discovered the lyrics are mostly about Danzig fumbling through stinky, humid summer sex. There’s something for everyone folks!

Grave -‘ You’ll Never See…’ (Riff @ 0:01)

The theme is dirt and graves are made out of it. So now that that’s out of the way hit play and begin to be ground into dirt by that sweet buzzsaw groove from one of Sweden’s best.

Zephaniah – ‘Road Warrior’ (Riff @ 3:45)

I figured if there’s one thing the Mad Max franchise has plenty of, it’s gotta be dirt. Thanks to resident bear Karhu for posting this album on fb the other day, it’s fun as hell.

Howard Deanzig
Rick Jeffery – “Be-I (Bed-A-Bye Bo)” (Riff @ 0:00)

No surprise here. The guy who submits Alice in Chains to RotW 33% of the time submits a AiC riff to the “Dirt” edition of RotW. Just kidding. A riff from that album should win this contest and I should’ve been the one to submit it, but fuck predictability. So here I am–reaching. Getting creative. Fuckin’ way she goes, boys. During the second episode of season one of Trailer Park Boys, “Fuck Community College, Let’s Get Drunk and Eat Chicken Fingers,” Lahey threatens to order a really expensive environmental soil test on Julian’s lot if the boys don’t chill out. A couple minutes after the soil test threat, Ricky and Ray are getting drunk and cooking chicken fingers (the good kind–eight bucks!) while rocking out to this track, which draws the ire of a pissy Julian. My fuck does this tune rock. Is this a barely coherent reach? Yeah, totally. But fuck, you know I didn’t get my grade 10.

Hum — “Stars” (Riff @ 3:41)

Mars is made, these days, primarily of dirt. Mars is one topic of the song “Stars” by seminal 90s band Hum. For evidence, the lyric: “She thinks she missed the train to Mars…” There is a riff in this song that betrays how much death metal Hum must have been listening to while composing their heavy shoegazy science-rock. All of this has been a tenuous conceptual stretch brought to you by the facts that (1) This riff rules, and (2) I really don’t give a fuck what the current theme of the contest is. Bask in the glory of 3:41 and realize, with a heavy heart, that there are countless modern metal bands who are emphatically less metal than Hum.

Clean Sanchez
Pungent Stench – ‘Viva La Muerte’ (Riff @ 0:00)

Since this is the best song of all time I had to force it in here. Its off of DIRTy Rhymes & Psychotronic Beats, So it counts.
Every riff in this song is tasty and groovy. I would of put the video, which is kinda fun, but the sound was better on this.

Contaminated – ‘Mired In Shit’ (Riff @ 3:43)

Missing out on seeing a bunch of mad Aussie bands (Convulsing, Golgothan Remains, Contaminated) supporting Primitive Man tonight, so bury me in filth I guess.

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