Riff Raff Podcast: [EP.59] We Must Grind. We Will Grind.


*Pop*  Oh yeah, welcome back to another thrilling episode of THE Riff Raff podcast, I’m Een Zaamheid, joined of course by THE Hans, or as we like to call him Johann, and fellow grindcore afficionado and bandcamp headliner Theophrastus Bombastus.

The gruesome twosome return, with returning guest and possessor of an IGoM-certified golden voice: TheoBomb. We’re all completely degenerate grindcore dorks far beyond all hope, so we’re just giving in and gushing on our favorite genre. Even though the songs are shorter we still sling enough pure grindcore nerd-shit in between them to fill an hour. We pick apart grindcore lyrics like they’re poetry and try our best worst to fulfill one soon-to-be-regretful listener’s request for more puns.  We go through some heady discussion of Cephalic Carnage, get perfected by Japanische Kampfhörspiele, and disappear in the foggy, nebulous lyrics of Cloud Rat (since reported on elsewhere).  The lyrical analysis is erudite and maybe a bit too artsy-fartsy for the teeth-meet-fist grindcore crowd. The puns, however… are the kind that scar your soul. LET’S GRIND.

New Music Features This Week

Hans’s Picks
Abanglupa – Forced Dementia
Japanische Kampfhörspiele – Wir werden Gott

Eenzy’s Picks
Cephalic Carnage – Divination and Volition
Fluoride – Suffocate

Theo’s Bomb-ass Picks
Cloud Rat – Refraction
Bandit – Czestawova

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