Toilet Radio 389 – A.I. Town Concrete


This week on Toilet Radio: The guy from E Town Concrete, a noted racial slur enthusiast, helped build an AI rapper that got signed to a record deal and promptly cancelled for dropping racial slurs. The boys argue over whether or not A.I. musicians will ever take off. I genuinely believe this shit is far too corny to ever catch on but others disagree! // Joe went to Riley Gale’s 2nd annual memorial party and caught some hip new bands. // We learn all about KENTUCKY IRATE FEST, the worst pay to play festival we’ve ever seen. Promoters and investors were demanding that bands sell hundreds of tickets, threatened performers day jobs, and got credibly accused of sexual abuse. Great job, dickheads!  // Jeremy Spencer is BACK!!! This time he’s blessing us with authentic old school death metal. If you love OSDM, you’re gonna love Semi-Rotted. // We talk very briefly about Scott Kelly, formerly of Neurosis.

Music featured on this week’s show:

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