Riff Raff Podcast [EP.62] Riff Raff’s Half-Assed Summer


Your two Solstice Songbirds return for an episode they hatecast at record speed.  Also we play some releases we liked so far this year WOOOORMRRRRROT

Some podcasts put in a ton of effort into every episode, you know? They keep lists of what to discuss on their show and talk about it beforehand, like a bunch of nerds. And then there’s the other toilet metal podcasts. The renegades. The ones who start episodes with improvised impromptu wrestling promos that one of the hosts didn’t even know about beforehand. Sometimes they spontaneously start a show by popping TWO pamplemousse La Croix’s and don’t even remember to record the episode.  Then they record that episode again with as little fanfare, as zero-fucking-effort as possible. That is the episode we present to you today. It’s the middle of 2022.  Some music’s already come out this year. Hear are six tunes we liked.

New Music Features This Week

Eenzy’s Picks
Saidan – Girl Hell 1999
Sadistik Ritual – Maelstrom of Consciousness
WOOOOORMROT – Hatred Transcending

Hans’s Picks
Skumstrike – Another Shot of Fear
Volcandra – Guardian
WORMROOOOOOOOT – Voiceless Choir

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