Riff-Raff Podcast: Ep.18 Biden’s Foul Balls


We’re talking new Superstition, Hyperdontia, Verwoed, Crypt Hammer, and Theta International, along with grubby Joe Biden, coffin bongs, Florida-Man® Cassowary disembowelment, Dutch Hetfield, buying a Lemur, money laundering, jenkem, and Kit finds me a baseball team to support.

If you missed last week’s haemorrhoid poppin’ episode, get your arse into gear here.

New Music Featured On This Week’s Show:
Superstition – ‘Highly Attuned Beasts Of The Night’ from The Anatomy Of Unholy Transformation (out 21/6/19)
Verwoed – ‘De Kwelling van het Bestaan’ from De Val (out 23/5/19)
Theta International – ‘Sons Of Hydra’ (out now)
Hyperdontia – ‘A Vessel Forlorn’ from A Vessel Forlorn (out 16/5/19)
Crypt Hammer – ‘Coffin Bong’ (out now)

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